GTA 5 helps save the life of 70-year-old man

GameZone writes, "With the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 this week, traditional news outlets are jumping at the opportunity shift the blame for gun violence directly onto Rockstar's newly released game. Blaming "violent video games" like GTA 5, or Call of Duty, is nothing new for the mainstream media . As we've already written, violent games are being blamed for the recent Navy Yard tragedy.

What you don't hear about, particularly from outlets like FOX, is how a game such as Grand Theft Auto sometimes helps save lives."

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Mikefizzled2038d ago

According to Fox shouldn't they have beaten the helpless man to death with a baseball bat, stolen his belongings, bought a prostitute and then killed her as well?

HannibalBarca2038d ago

I believe it was chopping the positutes head off with a chainsaw.......

Mikelarry2038d ago

Nope they will not report these types of news, who in their right minds even watches fox for unbiased news

Linkinnshadow2038d ago

Well in FoX news probably would appear "2 young boys after buying GTA5 enter a 70 year old man, raped him, placed the house on fire and then called 911"

feraldrgn2038d ago

No no no, you're doing it wrong.
The point is that video games are not to blame for anything at all, by saying it's the reason someone got saved, allows the other person to use it as a reason for killings.

Basically, life happens, we have our own personalities, whether we're the type to take lives or save lives, opportunities occur.

These 2 brothers saved a man, that's because of them, not a game, don't take that away from them.

raWfodog2038d ago

That's what the article is saying.

GribbleGrunger2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

Very well said! Now THAT'S 'thinking'.

HammadTheBeast2038d ago

Gamer zone killing it with these articles, +Rep

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