This Is the Experienced Team Behind PS4’s Knack

IGN - Today, Sony's Japan Studio let IGN through its doors, where we got to hear from six developers working on the upcoming PS4-exclusive Knack.

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fsfsxii2042d ago

And here is the hayte team over here on N4G

ravinash2042d ago

I was just thinking who could possibly hate on this game when I saw your comment... and then I saw the comments below.
Are these the same people who feel every game has to be a shooter, or has to be photo realistic.
I like the art style of this, and I'll probably play it somewhere down the line. If anything just to make sure people are creating different sorts of games!

fsfsxii2042d ago

Every game has to be AAA mainstream garbage, includes guns, shootouts, illegal shit just to appease to them. I bet if this game had big explosions, everybody would be like: "OMG, hype. GOTY" and that type of bs.

GryestOfBluSkies2042d ago

this game is in good hands. i look forward to playing it

MightyNo92042d ago

It looks terrible to be honest. And the guy who CREATED the damn console is making this? Dafuq? xD

Ron_Danger2042d ago

Just wondering if you understand what art style in a game is?

If they were trying to make the game look photo realistic, then yes, the game looks terrible. Except they aren't. They are going for a Pixar style of graphics, which once you understand that, you'll realize that it actually looks amazing.

MightyNo92042d ago

I'm actually talking about game play,you know,The most important thing in a video game.

Ron_Danger2042d ago

So then say "the gameplay is bad." Saying something looks terrible implies, you know, it's appearance.

Then since the gameplay looks terrible to you, what would you considder as good gameplay for a 3rd person old school platformer?

GryestOfBluSkies2042d ago

maybe its because i avoid a lot of media from games i know im getting for sure, but im just not sure we've seen enough for it to be called terrible. theres probably gameplay mechanics that havent been shown. plus its already known that theres harder difficulties for the more experienced crowd.

i for one tend to look forward to games that dont only involve killing people. i enjoy those games too, as ive pre ordered killzone as well, but platformers like this are a nice change of pace. i love the variety that the playstation brand offers.

MightyNo92042d ago

I got banned for a few days for saying XBot. I'm a Sony fanboy.

okmrman2042d ago

cearny or whatever his name is needs to stick to hardware only lol

this game is h0orrible. im gonna hold on to current gen till its really worth upgrading

GTA 5 and BF 4 on my 360 should keep me for about 6 more months

smokeyjoekenobi2042d ago

It's a very pretty game, but the combat looks repetitive and the stages look dull and lifeless. Still I'll wait for the verdict in November

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