Nintendo drops Wii Fit U direct, release date revealed alongside free trial version

Classic Nintendo went and dropped a Nintendo Direct tonight, the main subject Wii Fit U.

There’s some good news here with Nintendo offering a multitude of ways to get into the game. From November 1st you will be able to download Wii Fit U from the Wii U eShop as a free trial. This free trial will last one month from the download date and you can get a months access to the game for free until January 31st.

If you like the game you can purchase a Fit Meter and upon syncing the accessory the game will unlock fully. All 77 different activities, including 19 brand new training activities will be available both during the trial and after you purchase the Fit Meter. The Fit Meter will be about $20, we’re yet to confirm a local price.

If you’re keen to just buy the game with no trial or don’t want a Fit Meter the game will be available at retail and from the eShop on February 1st.

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_QQ_2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

so excited..... Wow how lucky we are to have a wiifit direct /S

wait i'm reading now that i already missed it? there goes the second coming of christ.

browngamer412994d ago

Whole lot of hyperbole in that statement, we get it it's not for you- perhaps though(just a slim chance)with all of this software's success(millions upon millions worldwide)there is another intended audience besides yourself..

_QQ_2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

I really doubt that audience watches Nintendo Directs. just saying why not have a DIRECT to talk about WiiFit and other games.

SilentNegotiator2994d ago

Wii Fit came out after Wii already had the (ridiculous) reputation as an exercise machine.

Wii U does not have that reputation and likely never will. I'd bet the farm that this won't have the same "millions upon millions" success because the demographics have shifted dramatically.

N4g_null2994d ago

Ha the girl friends of the world can't wait and its cheap now.

last I checked this was cheaper than golds gym and more fun.

this with the wii sports $2 release shows Nintendo is ready to pull some crazy numbers off... never thought they would go this hard though damn and its online too...

sports was fun but I pasted on wii fit yet im going to be picking up wii fit u this time...

mii-gamer2994d ago

Oh yeah time to get sexy by spendig some time with Wii Fit Trainer

MNGamer-N2994d ago

20 bucks is a good deal for the fit meter + game, no need for a physical disc copy of this. I'll probably pick it up. I need to lose a few pounds and like to keep track of my weight with Wii fit. The wife and kids also like it. So there ya go. I said it.

RFornillos42994d ago

didn't mention in the article (although an image shows it), but the NA retail version is available on Dec. 13; Feb. 1st is for the packaged version (and eshop?) in Japan.

AWBrawler2994d ago

Tennis Club, Here I come!

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