GTA IV-Ps3 to have 5 Minute mandatory Install+Sixaxis Controls

Skip, the writer of the 1Up Preview of GTA IV has recently posted on Negoaf adding a couple new lines of Information, First of all his Preview was of both builds of the game and originally didn't include the comment about the 360 controller and he has no clue why that was edited in. Secondly the problems he wrote about are pretty minimal and only very slightly noticeable. But The most important info he gave out is that the Ps3 version has Sixaxis controls for Cars, Bikes, and Choppers along with a 5 minute Mandatory Install. The R* Employs he was with also said they "think" the Ps3 version looks slightly better, but Skip says playing side by side he couldn't tell the difference and that the opinion of the R* employees he was with didn't match the opinion of all the dev-team @ R*.

LightningPS35636d ago (Edited 5636d ago )

OMG! I hope the sixaxis use for cars is optional. Don't scare me like that.

Silellak5636d ago (Edited 5636d ago )

Per the "article" (a single post on the NeoGAF forum), it is optional.

That "first review" also said the PS3 version had split-screen co-op and the 360 version doesn't. I think we'd have heard that from someone else by now, if it were true - that's a pretty significant feature difference.

CNIVEK5636d ago

Yeah, apparently R* didn't get the memo: the Suxaxis is already dead and buried. o_0

Ariexv5636d ago

The "First review" was FAKE.

Azures5636d ago

the dualshock3 still has motion control jackass, its the ultimate controller.

iHEARTboobs5636d ago

Yeah Cnivek, the DS3 has motion control. And 5 minute install? That's NOT long enough for me to make a sandwich! What the hell..

thePatriot5636d ago

I guess you wont be playing with boobs in mgs4

Superiorrior5636d ago

Lol oh my god, this is almost as funny as half you retards thinking Uncharted using the unreal engine, SIXAXIS is in every dualshock 3, what a laugh riot.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 15636d ago

+ 'The R* Employs he was with also said they "think" the Ps3 version looks slightly better'
Sounds good to me!;-P

BrianC62345636d ago

"Yeah, apparently R* didn't get the memo: the Suxaxis is already dead and buried. o_0"

No it isn't. My DS3 controller also has Sixaxis. I think a better use than controlling vehicles though is controlling where bullets or other weapons go. Maybe have a rocket launcher and use the Sixaxis to control it. I don't care for motion controls in cars. Airplanes are okay. The Sixaxis is great if used properly. It just isn't perfect for everything.

chaosatom3335636d ago

tell me who doubted Rockstar before?

*comes over and smacks the person who said yes*

godofthunder105636d ago

i've said it before and i'll say it again,the 360 and ps3 are almost the same,you can't even tell the difference so all this childish fighting about what system have the best graphics is childish.i know that ps3 fanboys will argue to the death that the ps3 graphics are 10 times better then the 360 and it's not even true,hell i've read some remarks that ps3 fanboys wrote that was a lie and they knew it,for exsample i've read one post where a ps3 fanboy said that the regular xbox graphics wasn't better then the ps2 then they said that the graphics on the 360 isn't that much better and called the 360 an xbox 1.5 and if that was the truth then the ps3 is a ps 2.5 because the ps3 graphics are the same as the 360 graphics.i don't understand why is everyone worried about the graphics because the graphics is the last thing i look for in a game.1st i look for the story line,2nd i look for how the game plays and so on.i would pick a game with these qualities with graphics like the super nintendo before a pick a game with none of these qualities that has graphics that's 20 times better then the 360 and ps3 because without these qualities the game will sux.hell i've read a lot of articles that said that the 360 and ps3 are really equal in power because of the way that they re built.fanboys from both sides need to sit down and think for a while.the truth is that some games looks better on the 360 and some games looks better on the ps3 but it's so small that hardly no one can tell the difference.
i have a 360 and i don't think that a 5 min standard install before you play on the ps3 is that bad,hell sometimes i put my 360 on and fix me something to eat or do something else so it's no big deal and if it was why should some one with a 360 like me even care about it or even write about it because it doesn't concern us at all and it might not even bother people that has a ps3 like it wouldn't bother me if i had one.
i'm also tired of hearing about the motion controllers for the ps3 and the ones that coming for the 360 because the only one that took off is the wiis remote because the ps3 motion controller never took off yet,you could say that it's a failure and the same thing will happen to the 360 because the wii has a lot of kids playing on it and that is why it took off but the 360 and ps3 has more grownups on it and it never took off because it's just a fad for grownups,hell i never did like to move my hands up,down,and sideways just to play a games.the majority of people will pick to play the regular controller over the motion one and i'm one of them.ps3 fanboys and 360 fanboys that can't wait for the 360 version might as well face the facts.the motion controller is a failure for the ps3 and it will be one for the 360.i bet in about 3 years you want even hear about them on the ps3 and 360 anymore and it can't come soon enough.

BrotherNick5635d ago

Anyone ever tried to play motorstorm with the sixaxis? Seems really impossible.

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Silellak5636d ago (Edited 5636d ago )

Interesting that the PS3 version requires an install, but whatever. No big deal. Though I'm sure the fanboys will be saying "LOL I CAN PLAY GTA4 5 MINUTES BEFORE YOU LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!" I am more curious how much space the install takes. After all, some PS3 owners only have 20 gigs, though they can at least upgrade the drive if they need to.

I wonder if the install time on the PS3 will help with texture pop-in and pedestrian/car traffic vs. the 360 version, or if it's just there to optimize the "no load screen" streaming that GTA4 uses. It's possible that the PS3's Blu-ray drive can't handle streaming as well as a DVD drive, but honestly I don't know enough to claim either way.

The worst part about GTA4's impending release is knowing that all of the "PS3 VS 360 GTA4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111" videos are just around the corner. And knowing good ol' N4G, every single damn one will be submitted and approved.

sonarus5636d ago

exactly. i wouldn't mind if it was 20mins install because there are plenty of things i can do while i wait. I am more interested in how much space it takes out of my hard drive.

Ghoul5636d ago (Edited 5636d ago )

can't tell how fast the 360 or ps3 reads though those are just the facts

Exhaust5636d ago (Edited 5636d ago )

I'm as hardcore a GTA fan as you can be. I preordered the 360 collectors edition for the DLC but still want to see the differences the install and sixaxis bring.

Plus I have friends on both PSN and XBL and want to be able to play multiplayer with any of them.

I think ultimately a lot of duel console owner hardcore GTA fans will end up buying both versions. Especially if the differences are "fairly" significant. These differences sound significant enough for me to warrant owning both versions.

EDIT: I see some bitter one console owner did a phantom disagree. Hilarious. haha "You're either with us or against us"

Bleucrunch5636d ago

HEy you have a good point their I might do the same.HMMM

sonarus5636d ago

@exhaust yea i thought of doing the same thing. Could buy ps3 version first then wait to see if the DLC is worthwhile then buy 360 version. Then i decided i don't care enough to buy 2 versions.

nirwanda5636d ago

If that info is right then the 360 would stream data at 133ish mb/sec and the PS3 would stream data at 72 mb/sec and don't forget the seek times will be longer for the blu-ray disk as it's larger and has more to scan over.

crunchie1015636d ago

Yes, allthough at 1x speed Blu-ray's data transfer is more than 3 times that of DVD, the DVD player in the 360 is, I dunno 16x? 32x? as opposed to PS3s 2x Blu-ray speed

nirwanda5636d ago

It's 12x thats why it's so bloody noisy

Crazyglues5636d ago

yeah buying both has crossed my mind... I might just do that. It's an option I have thought about because I have a lot of people I play COD4 with on XBL and it would be cool to hook up with them online.

But first I will play my PS3 version and see if I really need to add the 360 version. (I think after I start playing on PS3 I probably won't need to do the 360 version) I think it will come down to how well I can meet up and play people online, and if the multi-player option is really that much fun that I need my COD4 crew... We shall see.

Dark_Overlord5636d ago

but the thing with DVD drives are the speed is variable, meaning it will run at different speeds depending on where the data is on the disc, try a drive speed test on your if you don't believe me, whereas Bluray was designed to keep its constant speed throughout the disc.

So in certain situations the 360 drive will transfer data faster than the PS3 drive and vice versa in other situations (can't remember if DVD drives spin faster on the inner or outer of the disc)

Ghoul5636d ago

easy guys

the dvd turns at 12x speed BUT that doesnt mean you get the 12x datarate tahts not true.

first of all the 360 uses 8x (12x is only used on single layer disks with you dont see taht often on nextgen) and secondly is bluray CLV while dvd is CAV

CAV: The drives transfer rate is
variable. Information on the inside tracks of the disc is read at
approximately half the speed as the information on the outside of the

CLV: The drives transfer speed is linear or
constant regardless of whether information is on the inside tracks of
the disc or the outside.

means blurays deliver a constant amount of data while dvd dont, on the first part (inner circle) the dvd is faster but on most part its slower then the 2x bluray of the ps3.


"PS3's Blu-Ray drive is not slower than thw 360 DVD at all. YOu have been fooled by Microsoft PR spin.

The 2x Blu-Ray drive in the PS3 is CAV, which delivers contstant data rate of 54Mbit/sec across the entire disk surface.

the 8x DVD drive in the 360 (12x read speed in the 360 is only used on single layer discs, which are rare), is CLV, and whilst 20% faster than the Blu-Ray at the outer edge of the disc, ends up 40% slower at the inner edge of the disk.

What this means, is 360 can deliver about 200MB of data from a DVD, 20% faster than the PS3, but for everything else it's either the same, or drastically slower ( over 4GB of data on a DVD9 is slower than PS3). The Blu-Ray delivered the exact same rate of 54Mb/sec across the entire surface, regardless.

All your link shows, is either how naieve or biased Ars Technica are."

this sums it up pretty good

littletad5636d ago

Don't criticize every fanboy to that degree. Regardless if you wait five minutes or not for the mandatory install 360 owners will play it once popped in. It's not a fanboy comment it's a fact. Now every Sony fany claiming the motion capabilities of the controller to be some godlike feature, now that's hilarious considering the lukewarm perception from most gamers. Either way at least it's five minutes and not twenty. Now all we ne