PS3 Sucks...a lot of power.

The behemoth PS3 is also quite the hippie's nightmare, sucking down 380 watts, more than twice as much as the Xbox 360, and more than 8 times that of the PS2.

If used for two hours per day, that's as much as $40 per year.

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Razzy4468d ago

I guess I'm going to have to start siphoning power from my neighbour :)

Deceased4468d ago

If you can roast a pig on the PS3 since you can scramble eggs with the 360?

kmis874468d ago

I've only heard that frying eggs on a ps3 wasn't possible, but thawing a bagels is definitely possible.

scriptkiddie4468d ago

It's the mean fat burning machine... you can cook hamburgers, steaks, chicken....

Boink4468d ago

that's almost the cost of xbox live:)

THWIP4468d ago

...if you take the difference between the 2 energy consumptions...which is in favor of the can add that to the overall cost of the PS3. :O For those claiming the 360 is more expensive because of the $50/year Live fee... there goes a good chunk of THAT argument. ;)

Krimson4468d ago

That's only 2 hours a day. There are certainly some people on here who probably average 5-6 :P

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The story is too old to be commented.