Johns Progression: Final Fantasy 14

John at Press Start Australia writes: "Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn is technically Square Enix’s third attempt into the MMORPG genre, and it seems to be getting attention for all the wrong reasons. Most of those being the constant server issues and the god awful account management system. Many people faced these issues, myself included and you could say that effected my enjoyment of the game. Well yes, and no. While it was incredibly frustrating, issues such as servers being full, some servers not showing up at all and even characters going missing where all issues I’ve had to suffer though these past few weeks. While this didn’t happen to everyone, I was just extremely unlucky. But now that things seemed to have stabilised, how do I think now. Well, I haven’t been able to get as far into the game I would have liked. I’m still having a great time. FF14:ARR has a lot going for it."

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