SEGA Officially Announces Acquisition of Index Corporation, Including ATLUS and its IPs

After wavering for a few hours with a bland “no comment” Sega Sammy Holdings finally sent a press release officially announcing the acquisition of Index Corporation as a wholly owned Subsidiary, including Atlus and its IPs.

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sherimae24132045d ago

i hope sega allows atlus to do what they really are according in their plans... if SMT remains to ninty so does Persona remains to SONY, hope it stays that way..

and can sega allow atlus USA to localized Yakuza, valkyria chronicles, phantasy star and any other titles that didnt leave japan if they do not want to do it by themselves?

HelpfulGamer2045d ago

make petition at

minimur122045d ago

I swear to god if SEGA dont localise their games I''m never buying any Sega product ever again - everyone knows that Sega are like with localisation

TomShoe2045d ago

It's a good thing Disgaea is in the hands of Nippon Ichi Software.

If they would have screwed that game up, ish would have gotten real.

cleft52045d ago

One of the good things about buying Atlus is that Atlus does know how to sell niche titles in the West, so the chances of seeing a Yakuza 5 in the West did just increase.

majiebeast2045d ago

Persona 5 now featuring Shadow the hedgehog.
Persona 4S Chie falls in love with Sonic.
Ettrian Oddesey after IV is dead the franchise sells even less then Valkyrie Chronicles III.

wingman32x2045d ago

So it's finally over. It'll be interesting to see how this affects Atlus. I hope Sega localizes the more popular series at least.

Captain Qwark 92045d ago

yeah this wont be good lol atlus is done. they were a great publisher, sega will ruin it

ziggurcat2045d ago

oh god, i hope atlus doesn't own the demon's souls IP... i don't want to see sega ruin it.

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The story is too old to be commented.