FIFA 14 vs. PES 2014 Impressions

onPause writes:

In this write up, I will be comparing the PC demo of FIFA 14 to the Xbox 360 demo of PES 2014. I would have compared both games using the PC demo, but the PC demo for PES 2014 does not release until after the full game is released.

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LackLuster2929d ago

Always been a FIFA man myself

allgamespc20122929d ago

been a fifa man since 2009, but this year am going pes, not just because the changes that they made make a better game in terms of gameplay, but because EAs spit to the face to PC gamers by not giving us next gen and then saying they wont bring it cause we dont have high end pcs is just retarded.

i will support the developers, that even though pes gets pirated to hell and back here in south america, already out on torrents, they still manage to give us the game with no bullshit, plus, now its on steam

The Shadow2929d ago

i think they made improvement this time PES i agree

mcstorm2929d ago

Im getting fifa but only because im getting a day one xbox one.

I was looking at getting PES but I decided that it would be on the WiiU rather than the xbox one as just like I have got bored of playing FPS games for 8 years Fifa has become the same but then they came out and said PES was only on the 360 and PS3.

I have had a go of the PES demo and I was impressed with it. Its not Fifa in the way it plays (Which is a good thing as I want something a bit different) and its not like the old PES games where it just felt to dated in the way it player. I Hope PES sells well this year as they have put a lot of work into this and made it a game that can go head to head with Fifa again.

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