Greg Tito on his Escapist Review - "Grand Theft Auto 5 Made Me Sad."

Escapist "I was 23 years old when Grand Theft Auto III came out. I'm now 35, and I got sick playing Grand Theft Auto V this weekend."

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Mugen902039d ago

So he basically complained that this game is too violent...its a GTA game. That's like me going to see a scary movie and complain that the movie is too scary.

Wni02039d ago

Oh shit you better make fun of a guy because he has an opinion. Everyone pile on lets go.

Mugen902039d ago

Everyone can have an opinion like everyone can analyze/criticize that opinion.

Its a GTA that deals with drugs, VIOLENCE, sex, and everything in between.

This editorial piece actually makes me more excited to get back and play the game. The story is that good to question your own morals. :)

Riderz13372039d ago

Lol I know right. I mean, it's called "Grand Theft Auto"...The game is basically named after a crime, how can you not expect some sort of violence in it.

KonsoruMasuta2039d ago

He is not complaining that there is crime in the game. He is complaining because he thinks that the reason the characters committed those crimes were wrong. He doesn't like that the characters robbed and stole for selfish reasons only.

Either way, it's bs.

Pintheshadows2038d ago

The thing is though, they don't. It becomes a necessity. So I wonder how much attention he actually paid to the story. It seems like he may of skipped every cutscene.

lastdual2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

You clearly didn't read the piece. Nowhere does he complain that it's too violent. What he does complain about is taking away player choice in a very specific act of violence against an innocent person.

You could always rampage in GTA games, but generally killing civilians was optional, or at least a matter of "them or me" in the scenario. This mission is more like "No Russian" from MW2, only without the option to avoid shooting.

By taking away choice in this way, I have to agree with the author that it drags the game down, and is actually out of character for the GTA series.

Mugen902039d ago

I did read the article a couple of times and I still stand by what I said. He still complained that the game is violent. Its a GTA game. So killing thousands of innocent civilians is fine, but when one innocent person is in the story and is killed its a problem? In all the other GTA games I had to kill plenty of other characters that I actually wouldn't mind letting them live, but the game didn't do that. I'm not sitting here questioning that I'm an evil person that back stabs. Its a GTA game that brought a different point of view that it hasn't done honestly since the 2D era.

Deep-throat2039d ago

It's weird they didn't give us any option

RDR had those moments (be good or bad)

RobAlmighty2038d ago

I 100% disagree on the basis that I have failed over 10 missions because I killed innocent people. "Mission Failed: Trevor killed an innocent person"

Everyone that are killing innocent people are doing it because they want to and because its part of the game. Rating the game down for this is ridiculous.

Pintheshadows2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

I'm being pretty vague here as to avoid spoilers but don't read it if you haven't at least got to the scene.

This isn't RDR and Trevor is not John Marston. I personally thought it was done, not to shock us with the acts of violence, but raise the bar for Trevor and clarify the things that had been said about him previously. The drive afterward confirms this.

I thought it was handled well and it was deliberately uncomfortable to provoke a reaction.

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KonsoruMasuta2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

This author is crazy if he think this is the first time GTA characters killed and robbed out of greed. Claude wasn't forced to kill people and pull off heist.

Roman asked Niko to settle down multiple times during GTA IV but Niko didn't want to.

N82039d ago

GTA has never been about the violence to me. I spent five minutes watching TV on a game where else do I get that? Talk radio is my favorite station on any GTA where else do I get that? Sure the violence is fun as well but what other game could I experience those things with that much detail .

starchild2039d ago

I agree. No other game has that kind of depth to the simulation. That's a big part of why I have played the GTA games. That and the gameplay, which is just a lot of fun.

I normally don't like urban crime settings though. I really do wish Rockstar would take that incredible talent and create something I could relate to a little more. Red Dead Redemption is my favorite game from them.

Fergusonxplainsall2039d ago

GTAV is unbelievable to the point where it's almost silly..

Yet I must say, this is the best GTA I've ever played:D.

Also I'm 27, and I love the action!

Klonopin2039d ago

I blame Obama for this review. Thanks Obama!

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