Grand Theft Auto V - Easter Egg


Geoff and Ray show you where to find a frozen creature from beyond our solar system in GTA V for the Xbox 360.

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1nsomniac2045d ago

Awesome! without spoiling anything I didn't like it when you get stoned in the park thought it was a bit too Saints Row.

XB1_PS42045d ago

Haha, when I played that part it felt so added on, like they saw Saint's Row and threw that part in there. Either as homage or taunt.

claud32045d ago

So Rockstar have did it again

GentlemenRUs2045d ago

Preferred if you took the Spoiler out of the Description... But I will find this on my own without help :)

cl19832045d ago

I know it's not really a spoiler, but I put it in just in-case someone wouldn't want to see something they didn't discover on their own.

swishersweets200312045d ago

not really a easter egg but the ringtone you start out with is a song to the right stuff from gta 3.