Dead Rising 3 Co-Op Detailed, Psychos Teased

Dead Rising 3 will have online co-op, Capcom has confirmed. When you sign online, you, controlling main character and mechanic Nick Ramos, and a friend, controlling truck driver Dick, can “paint the town red” in zombie slaughter.

The game will save whatever progress you achieve while playing cooperatively, even when reverting back to single-player.

“This adds a unique nonlinear element to the game’s story progression,” said Capcom. “If you’re still in the middle of Chapter 1 but you join your friend’s game online and clear Chapter 3 together, Chapter 3 will become cleared on your own save file, meaning that once you clear Chapters 1 and 2, you’ll have the option of skipping 3.”

Capcom also introduced a couple of new characters.

Each of the game’s psychopaths are based on one of the seven deadly sins. The first to be revealed today is “Greed,” a doctor character.

There are regular, non-psycho bosses, too. You’ll see one of them through today’s screenshots. He’s a biker character with a Mohawk haircut and a tattoo of stars running across his face.

View the screenshots at the gallery

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GiantEnemyCrab2929d ago

I am getting more and more hyped for this game the more I see. I loved the first one and hope that now they are focusing on just 1 platform again we won't get DR2. Day One edition for me.

2929d ago
JokesOnYou2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Yeah I really like Co op in a game like this, you can get more creative and come up with some pretty wild stuff to do with a partner. Uhm hold on bro, I'm talking about in the game. lol

Edit edonus to each his own but no way would I even consider getting Fighter Within over DR3, but hey I'm not really sold on full motion control until I see something that blows me away/works really good.

XboxFun2929d ago

Damn, this game is going to be a BEAST plain and simple.

Xbox One DAY ONE with DeadRising 3!

christocolus2929d ago

Dead rising 3...shaping up really good..will be getting this with my first batch of games..the pics i saw look really good too. Can't brother and i enjoyed the 1st one a lot..looking forward to this, sunset overdrive, halo and titan fall the most

psych2929d ago

I was hoping that given the size of the map, you could have more than 2 player co-op, nothing over the top, four player would be awesome.

Still, an awesome game and I can't wait for my day one edition to arrive.

PFFT2929d ago

Xbox One DAY ONE with Dead Rising 3 for me as well.