White Wii U Pro Controllers Being Phased Out?

Thanks to clearance sales across various retailers, it would seem that Nintendo are stopping support for the white Pro Controller for Wii U.

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Neonridr2045d ago

Collector's items. Get them while you can.

UltimateMaster2045d ago

That ain't good.
It's the only option they had for extended gameplay.
Battery wise, 80h Vs 2h.

stragomccloud2045d ago

Only the /white/ controllers are being phased out. Not the type of controller.

Summons752045d ago

You play a game for 80 hours straight? wow, no life huh?

Anyway it's not being stopped forever, they're probably going to ship black ones instead because they only sell black systems now.

_QQ_2045d ago

they still sell the black ones.

meganick2045d ago

Your estimate of the Gamepad's battery life is way off. It lasts around 5 hours, not 2.

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mewhy322045d ago

IMO it won't be long before the Wii-U itself is phased out. I don't want Nintendo to fail but man they're struggling. I've played Rayman Legends on the Wii U and I thought it was great. I just don't understand why it's having such a hard time selling. Maybe people are put off buy the tablet controller????? If you think about it the success of the Wii was the casual gamer. Well the inclusion of the tablet controller dosen't exactly appeal to the casual gamer, neither does the high price tag.

matgrowcott2045d ago

"I just don't understand why it's having such a hard time selling."

Because it does very little that can't be had elsewhere. It's a decent piece of kit, but if you had to choose between Xbox 360/PS3 and the Wii U, you'd probably have a harder time picking between the 360/PS3 than you would the older consoles and the Wii U itself.

And that's before you even bring next-gen machines into the mix.

Wescyde2045d ago

I think it will do better starting this month with the WWHD bundle and then the games that will be coming out the rest of the year. The PS3 struggled the first year with such a massive game drought, so the Wii U will catch up IMO.

N4g_null2044d ago

That wii fit u and wii sports club are going to do wonders.

Neonridr2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

$100 less than the PS4 and $200 less than the XB1. We will truly see if Nintendo is in trouble this holiday season. With the PS4 and XB1 almost impossible to find on shelves (unless you preorder), there will be lots of gamers with nowhere else to spend their money. With games like Rayman, Pikmin, Wonderful 101, plus some other great games that have already released, not to mention a new 3D Mario, Donkey Kong, Wind Waker HD and Sonic plus some AAA 3rd party games like AC4 and Watch Dogs, the Wii U could look very attractive to some people. Not to mention the new Zelda bundle coming out in 3 days along with a Super Mario Brothers U + Luigi U bundle that could show up in time for the holidays as well.

let's not just simply write them off just yet.. it's the first party games that truly move the most units, and we've barely seen any 1st party games.

2045d ago
colonel1792045d ago

I don't get that philosophy. If you don't find what you want to buy, you buy something else? I mean, I know I want a PS4, if I go to every store and don't find it, I will definitely NOT buy an Xbox or a Wii U just so I spend my money. I get how that way of thinking applies to milk or bread, but not expensive devices.

Now, if you want both, but find the Wii U instead of the PS4, then yes, you can buy the Wii U first instead, but not substitute one for the other just because there is no stock.

bobacdigital2045d ago

Not likely that someone would settle for a Wii U if they couldn't get a PS4 or X1...

That scenario is more likely occur if we are talking about a parent who needs to have something come Christmas time.

matgrowcott2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )


Yes. I'm spending hundreds of pounds based on my ability to play console games away from my console.

Thank god the Wii U has such a rich library, so that that feature isn't at all wasted.

By the way. I'm not a "hater." I didn't mention the Xbox One and I bought the Wii U on the day it came out. I just don't live in a dream world where the Wii U is as of now an awesome competitor to... well... anything.

2045d ago
Neonridr2045d ago

Sorry, I wansn't implying that someone who was dead set on getting a PS4 or XB1 would settle for a Wii U. I was referring to people who were thinking about upgrading to another system, but cannot find 2 of the 3, it leaves Nintendo in a good position. And now that you mention it, parents still have a lot of purchasing power when it comes to kids video game consoles, so yes, they will definitely be pushing the Wii U when it's $100+ less than the competition. Money doesn't grow on trees unfortunately.

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stragomccloud2045d ago

In other news, the PS3 is doomed:

Oh, and so is the 3DS. That's doomed too!

_QQ_2045d ago

but your opinion is wrong... too bad,1. Nintendo will not drop support on the console 2. based on how much they dominate handheld market and they money they have in the bank, they will never be financialy in trouble to the point where they can't support the wiiu for a console generation. too bad for you.

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LOL_WUT2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Why phase out the controllers? The white Wii U is what needs to be phased out as the deluxe is the better model I don't see the strategy behind this ;)

admiralvic2045d ago

They already phased out the basic.

mcstorm2045d ago

Wow you guys really need to give it a rest. This post has gone from Looks like Nintendo are stepping the sale of the white pro joypad to Nintendo are going to drop the Wiiu and the Wiiu is a flop.

Really do you guys ever give it a rest. Started with the ps3, then moved onto the 3ds then the psv then the Wiiu then the Xbox one and now back to the Wiiu.

No one knows how well the total sales of the Wiiu will be come the end of its life and yes it has had bad sales after its 1st 3 months on the market but it has not had a very good line up of exclusives and 3rd party games were half assed.

The lack of exclusives is the reason why it has not sold very well and come the end of this year it will have mariou, Lego city, pikmin 3, donkey Kang, Mario 3d, sonic lost worlds, wonderful 101 as its stand out exclusives and then come the start of next year it will have its biggest named game in Mario Kart and also Super smash bros as well as some of the big 3rd party games like cod.

People do not buy a new console for 3rd party games if you look at the sales of the ps3 at the start, the 3ds at the start and now the Wiiu it shows this. Who on here is upgrading there 360 or ps3 to a Xbox one or ps4 just for BF4, COD, Fifa? It will not be many 98% of people will be upgrading for a exclusive game and the ones who play the 3rd party games will move over when they stop making that 3rd party game or the consoles drop in price.

The Wiiu will sell just fine it may not hit the same sales numbers as the Wii but just like the PS4 and Xbox one will sell well the Wiiu will too.

AKR2045d ago

Woah, woah, woah...Someone here on N4G who actually uses logic?

I thought it was a myth....

mcstorm2045d ago

Lol this site is becoming a joke. Also I did not even know they did a white version of the pro controller as not seen one in the uk as they have all been black.

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