GamerZines | Takedown: Red Sabre Preview - "A Tactical Blast From The Past'

GamerZines writes:

We may sound like the old buggers that we are when we say this but, squad shooters have gotten a lot easier over the years. Back in the day the likes of Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and our personal favourite SWAT 3 pushed more than just a gamer’s reflexes when it came to quashing terrorist/criminal threats. Gamers had to use their brains and genuine tactical nous to overcome scenarios by checking corners, choosing the right equipment and watching carefully for potential flanking manoeuvres in levels which were large, open and full of different combat potential.

For whatever reason, these kinds of experiences slowly faded away with twitch-centric, corridor-orientated Call of Duty-a-likes taking their place, but for one game at least that tide has been turned. Takedown we hope is the first in a new breed of hardcore tactical shooters where one bullet often means the difference between life and death.

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