Sony dates Dual Shock 3 for Australia- April 24

The release date of Dual Shock 3 has been confirmed as April 24 by SCE Australia.

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riksweeney3839d ago

24th April is going to be a great day!

1. More Pixeljunk Monsters
2. New release of (K)Ubuntu
3. Lost is back on
4. Dual Shock 3
5. Heroes is back on BBC2 (although I hear it's really slow)

crunchie1013839d ago

Fantastic, so now Europe is the only place with no official word on Dualshock 3.

oh well, glad I already imported two already.

St03839d ago

Australia get's something before Europe? :O

level 3603838d ago

Live in Sydney and I bought my DualShock3 from Japan way back for exactly JP Yen4,950 = AU$51.75 shipping and handling cost me about another AU$10.00+, so roughly the total is AU$60.00+.

Was a bit surprised Sony is charging AU$99.95 for DualShock3's which are going to be sold in the shops over here.
That's about *AU$40.00 more or less for the one I got from Japan.