PS3 CoD4 maps "taking longer than expected"

The PS3 Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack is taking longer than expected, Infinity Ward has said, but is well on its way to moving through Sony certification.

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Darkiewonder3929d ago

THey weren't going to have any content during those 2 weeks. and this thursday it will be up. at least on the US PSN Store.

chaosatom3333929d ago

"it's taking longer than expected"

because Microsoft giving them money has made them 'lazy'.

Sayai jin3929d ago

This has nothing to do with MS, but of course you know that already.

Back on topic, well they acknowledged that it was late and gave status update, what else can you ask for. It will be here soon.

Cicinho3929d ago

I hope GTA drops before this map pack. Fúck iw

iHEARTboobs3929d ago

True, there wasn't going to be any new content on the PSN store but if the map certification process was done it would have been up when the store came back up, but it wasn't. I thought we were supposed to get them next week but that's looking doubtful now. I love COD4 but lately it's pi$$ing me off when i start playing online and hosts are dropping out left and right. That irks the hell out of me. Especially when the patch was supposed to do something about that.

Science_NERD3929d ago

IW can f*** off. Im not buying this sh1t map pack. I havent played the game in a month and started last night, surprise surprise nothing has changed, theres still that lazy camper, the [email protected] with juggernaut etc etc. Face it cod4 is old now, MGS4 online until past the release date of GTA4. Does IW really think people are going to pay $10 for some maps? IW Fvck you you piece of sh1t, cod4 is now sitting on the shelf at gamestop, at least that tradein went towards MGS4 preorder hahaha, suck a chode

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Mr_Bun3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

As a PS3 owner, I am used to waiting!!!

To those who are right, I still want everything now!

nutjuice3929d ago

was there a reason for the add-on delay? The game originally released on the same day. Then the GOTY version is set back for PS3? Stuff like this makes me worry about the game industry. I think there are a lot of shady behind the scenes deals involved that ruin the fun of the whole thing at times.

Bleucrunch3929d ago

as long as it gets here i dont care just get here.

GrammarPolice3929d ago

Don't forget about the original shady deal, EA paying an obscene amount of money for the NFL license. We all know what happened after that- Madden started to suck and gamers were left with no choice. The games industry has blown up and now we get to witness all the treachery that comes along with big business.

cokzilla233929d ago

any word on the rumble patch for cod4???

nutjuice3929d ago

Activision? Sony? Microsoft?

I'm sure Sony wouldn't mind. Activision shouldn't mind as well because they could sell more copies with even more interest because people want rumble now that there is DS3s out there.

Superiorrior3929d ago

Activision could potentially force InfinityWard to do so, but I don't think you understand, IW don't want to pay the $2,500 license fee, and don't wanna go back and do a weeks worth of programming, to say they're lazy is generous.

Apocwhen3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

Their community relations officer (fourzerotwo) stated PS3 will not be getting rumble in one of his blog comments. He came up with some c0ck and bull story about how the PS3 didn't get rumble support until too late in the COD4 development cycle and said it would require huge changes for them to incorporate it now. When people responded to him how companies like Insomniac managed to incorporate it into the likes of Resistance a year after it was released he had no response. IW have really given PS3 owners poor customer service all in all.

This was his response to the rumble support:

"@ Those Asking About Rumble: As I’ve said, there are no plans to add rumble to CoD4 PS3, the Rumble tech / support for the PS3 came way to late in Call of Duty 4 to be implemented, we’re almost half a year out since launch and it would require a major code overhaul to add that sort of feature in now."

fenderputty3929d ago

I love COD4. It's a freaking blast. I'll think twice about ever getting an IW game again though. The servers suck. The connection issues blow. The 360 gets preference. No rumble. No connection fix in the patch like they said. Crappy friend and matchmaking system.

For as refined as the game is, they sure as hell slacked in other areas. Kind of a let down for me actually.

RFOM2 can't come fast enough.

Cicinho3929d ago

Rumble is not coming to PS3 for COD4. Its as easy as throwing up a quick patch they need to hard code it into the game which they say is too much work.


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PimpHandHappy3929d ago

im not real sure if im going to get these maps. Im getting the Warhawk map and im also getting GT5 and GTA4 this month. COD is going to have to wait....for me atleast

It would be nice if these ppl seen they have made a ton of money and they would just give us a free map. I know thats wishful thinking but for games like Halo and COD the sales alone mean you have made your money back 10fold

Kleptic3929d ago

especially considering Epic/midway did it with UT3 on the PS3...which didn't exactly set the world on fire sales wise...

paying for maps is lame...I am not sure I will do it either...10 dollars for 4 maps right?...maybe eventually i will get them, or if pretty much all the guys on my list get them...but yeah I miss the PC stuff where map packs just sort of came out and that was it...and Epic is doing exactly that on the PS3...there is no reason other devs couldn't as well...

but with GTAIV, GT5P, and MGS4 all on the very immediate horizon...its a case of too little too late for these maps I do believe...

Fishy Fingers3929d ago

Epic had no choice but to give them to PS3 gamers for free. You could just get them off the net as a mod.

gen16803929d ago

They are probably holding them back so the new Warhawk maps and GT5 don't have to compete with them for our dollars.

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