PlayStation 4 Launch Day Accessories Revealed & Priced

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has officially confirmed two accessories that will be available alongside the PlayStation 4 console at launch. Several others will see launch in the coming months, but from day one just two officially branded accessories will be available: the DualShock 4 Charging Station and PlayStation 4 Vertical Stand.

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gaelic_laoch2041d ago

1 PS4
1 Dualschock 4
1 Copy BF4

= 1 Very happy gaelic_laoch

MWong2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

The only accessory I want is the verticle stand. The DS4 charges itself when the PS4 is off so I don't need a charging station. Maybe an additional controller.

kizzle322041d ago

The damned vertical stand is such a ripoff in my opinion. It's a piece of freakin' plastic that should be included with the system I feel. I hate that I have to spend $14.99 if I want it...dumb...COME ON SONY! ;)

I will probably wait and get the stand later and spend the $15 bucks towards another game for now.

MWong2041d ago

Why include it the system probably can stand on it's side without any problems. I just want a better base for the console when it's on it's side.

Well GameStop has the stand for $18's right now. So why wait and I'll just use some of the points I have on my GS Rewards account for a gift voucher. Probably get it for like $3.

mewhy322040d ago

Already got my PS4/Shadow Fall combo with extra DS4 per ordered baby!!!

UltimateMaster2040d ago

1 Dualschock 4?
*Dualshock <----Correct term
The one you used sounds nasty...

blackbeld2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

You don't need the stand to charge you're DS4 controller.

The only thing you need is usb cable plug in your PS4 and it will charge even when the PS4 is off.

But just give me an extra DS4 controller and I am very happy.

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ABizzel12041d ago

2TB HDD. Trust me you're going to need it.

gaelic_laoch2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

You know what I have been think hard and long about a bigger HDD and I must say I am worried I would just use it as a dumping ground for games I will never play.

I should be getting 50mb broadband soon and would rather be downloading games I will play within a month then delete.

Of course I open to a change of mind at anytime after release!

What would be you main reasoning behind bigger HDD? :)

Thehyph2041d ago

Multiple platform games built for multiple platforms sporting Bluray.

You had better believe that the big multiplat games will be taking advantage of the medium's size.

If you play on buying or installing digital, then you will eventually have to delete games.

Games are only going to get bigger in size over the generation.

OT: I'm getting the charging dock because I'm absolutely sick of wires.

ABizzel12041d ago


"dumping ground for games"

I found I get behind a lot in my gaming catalog especially with PS+, and if the actual game isn't sitting on my HDD I may forget to play it entirely, and I've also found some games I really enjoyed that I never would have bought on PSN thanks to PS+. So when you start downloading those 10+GB games and installing, that 500GB HDD is going to get ate up pretty fast.

I'm mainly downloading for Remote Play though.

W1ldWolf2040d ago

Any idea yet of how thick of drives we can replace the stock one with? I can't find anything bigger than 1TB in the 9.5mm spec... anything bigger and you jump to 15mm for the most part. Not sure how much room we have to work with in the PS4... anyone?

Cryptcuzz2040d ago


It will most certainly be 2.5" hard drives. SATA or SSD. They have them in the bigger sizes, Google should be your friend in where to get them.

Almost a 100% certainty on this, since it does not make sense for Sony to go with the bigger 3.5" HDD's when the system is small in size from the get go. That and the fact that 2.5" hard drives have come a long way. They have speeds and larger caches just as good as there bigger counter parts. Sony used the smaller 2.5" HDD's in the PS3 and I don't see them changing that with PS4. Hope that helps, cheers.

Milesprowers2040d ago

HDD = Hard Disk Drive A.K.A Bottleneck.

Supercharge your PS4 with an SSD (Solid State Drive).

ABizzel12040d ago


You're better off buying 2 PS4's. The price of an SSD that has well over 500GB is around $400 if not more.

dragongod642040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

Don't know how to delete my posts

badz1492040d ago


Like the PS3, SSD provides just a slight improvement in terms of load times but it costs too damn much compared to its HDD equivalent. Until Sony make a console that is made for SSD, getting 1 is not worth it just yet.

I don't know about other places, but in my area, 1TB 2.5" HDD is A LOT cheaper than 250GB SSD. Ain't nobody got monies for THAT!

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JoSneak2040d ago


Evil_Ryu2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

1 X1 console
1 X1 Gamepad
1 copy of Watch dogs
1 copy of Call of duty ghosts

= 1 Very happy evil_ryu

MineHaxx2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

1 Xbox One
2 Xbox One Controllers
1 Titanfall
-Extremely Happy MineHaxx that plays everyday on Xbox Live.

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Mikelarry2041d ago

i want them to confirm the prices of games in the uk, as the retailers are still charging place holder prices

Mikelarry2041d ago

if you mean i just did and all their prices are TBC

MAULxx2041d ago

The stand is nice I guess for those going vertical.
Don't really need a charge station. I'll just use a usb cable while playing. I have a 10ft usb cable. These seem like nices choices though.
For an extra controller, I want a blue one. They want be available at launch. I'll wait.

LiQuiZoN2040d ago

Same. Your just as awesome as me! I cancelled my 2nd controller for the blue or red one!

MAULxx2040d ago

I'm glad I could achieve your awesomeness :)
I guess together we are, epic?

nerdeu2041d ago

That charging station is quite unnecessary now since the controllers can be charged when the PS4 is off. I have a charging station for my Dualshock3-controllers and I only bought it just because of the PS3 incapability of charging while in standby mode.

Sevir2041d ago

58 Days till Next Generation! ;) Can't wait till the PS4 is here in NA! PS4=PS4

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