Kojima Defends Potentially Sexist Character Design…Poorly.

Kojima says that the character design of Quiet is pointing fun at how sexist other designs are, well Geek Insider calls BS on that claim.

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vishmarx2045d ago

seriously ,,whats with all the hippies these days

MightyNo92045d ago

She is a slut with a sniper rifle.

AgentSmithPS42045d ago

She has a good strategy, instead of enemies shooting her they'll want to get closer to "investigate" then she'll get them.

All these whiners remind me of religious extremists, showing skin is evil but killing people is ok.

This is a GAME, if you don't like it don't play it. This is part of the reason there are so many REAL WORLD problems, people waste their energy on things that don't matter, and many people are all talk and no action.

Most males like seeing attractive women and no matter how much she's covered up they'd like to see her uncovered at some point.

imXify2045d ago

If I ever die one day, it will be by a sl*t with a sniper rifle.

brettski2045d ago

Really? Outrage over this the week gta comes out?

jahfen832045d ago

There is a reason she is dressed like this and when the game comes out it will shut all nay sayers up! Kojima never disappoints!!!

TaldusServo2045d ago

Well he openly said the reason was to "encourage cosplay and figurine sales." We already got that answer.

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The story is too old to be commented.