Namco Bandai's updated TGS 2013 lineup

Namco Bandai has sent out an updated lineup for this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

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Magnus2043d ago

Even thoe this title is not on that list I want Tales of Xillia 2 to come over to North American shores.

fsfsxii2043d ago

Its coming. Confirmed Q1 (I think) 2014

RiPPn2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

Indeed it is along with Symphonia Chronicles, but TGS is for Japan, so maybe they will get a suprise and get introduced to the next Tales game since they've had Xillia 2 since last November.

fsfsxii2043d ago


They trademarked "ToZ"
There is hope they'll announce it.

3-4-52043d ago

I see a lot of shovelware on that list.

nthstew2043d ago

what no dark souls 2? ..disappointing..

tulholdren2043d ago

More tales is never a bad things please bring Tales of Xilia 2 over.

BrianSharon2042d ago

Not sure why you mentioned Vita as there is not a single Vita title in the list.

Jirachi2042d ago

ugh no 3ds tales game but iphone tales game.