Grand Theft Auto 5: PSN Version Graphical Issues Similar to Xbox 360 Dual Disc Installed Version

According to users across the PlayStation Network in Europe, the PSN version of Grand Theft Auto 5 is facing problems.

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Sadist32042d ago

Are people really complaining about this? Who the hell cares, it doesn't affect gameplay at all. So what the texture popped up late.

raWfodog2042d ago

Not a game breaker but I'd still rather get the retail copy over the digital in order to avoid excessive pop-in issues occurring later in the game.

mewhy322042d ago

I don't like the pop in either but, I'd get the retail version just so I could trade it in on new games or sell after I finished it.

PeaSFor2042d ago

too busy playing the game to scrutinize everything around me, too bad some peoples cant seem to enjoy games unless they look at everything in the same time..

Gentlemanlygamer19922041d ago

Know what's kind of funny? I have the digital version and I've had no pop in problems or anything as in the video showing the problems. And no, I don't have an SSD.

GmIsOnPt3602042d ago

textures looking like crud and popping in late on 60 dollar top tier game is surely worth complaining about.

windblowsagain2042d ago

You lost me at top tier game.

Perjoss2042d ago

Seems like the best ways to play this game are retail disc if you have a ps3. On the 360 version install the 'install' disc to your hard disk and then install the play disc to a decent usb stick, or skip the play disc install and just stream from the DVD if you don't care about spinning disc causing noise and wear and tear on the drive and disc.

Jeff2572042d ago

After reading the Digital Foundry article their is no way I believe this. They said that the PS3 has better textures and no pop ins just like the 360 version if you don't install both discs. If you do install both then the 360 is the system that suffers from pop in. I even watched a live stream last night where the guy was playing it on PS3 and I never noticed any of that so called pop in.

Intentions2042d ago

Did you even read the title?

raWfodog2042d ago

Just make sure you get the retail version and not the digital PSN version.

Jeff2572042d ago

Ok. I see what they are saying. I so wonder why it has such an issue loading from a hard drive though. You would think it would access things a little faster that way.

Am_Ryder2042d ago

It's because of the speed of both sources in conjunction. This is factually absurd, but should explain it clearly:

Hard drive reads fast, say an arbitrary number of 5 per second. Disc also reads at 5 per second. And the game needs to read 10 per second. If you install the 8GB mandatory to the hard drive, and read from the disc, that splits the 10 memory required between 5 on Hard Drive and 5 on disc. Those are the optimal speeds of the HDD and disc respectively.

But if you install both the mandatory 8GB AND the playing disc of 6GB, or whatever, to your HDD, then your HDD is being forced to read all 10 per second of the game's memory- BUT THE HDD ONLY READS AT 5 OPTIMALLY.

TL;DR: Basically installing both to the hard drive puts strain on it, because the game's memory allocation and reading is designed to work with both sources working at full speed. Putting all the resources on the HDD only means the HDD can't keep up outputting the memory the game is asking for, because it's max speed is slower than that.

ALLWRONG2042d ago

LOL Now that it's about the PS3 it's all "I refuse to believe it"

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Aleithian2042d ago

Ouch. Glad I waited to see. Off to get the retail version at Gamestop.

LackTrue4K2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )


theWB272042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

The game has a problem reading from the hard drives apparently.

If you install both 360 discs, or download from PSN store there's a problem. So either don't install both 360 discs..or avoid the digital and go disc on PS3.

....Nice edit : )

Kleptic2042d ago

^it apparently has a problem reading EVERYTHING from the HDD...both versions stream a specified chunk of allocated data from the HDD no matter HAVE to install ~8gb to an HDD on either console...

the problem occurs when everything is installed to the HDD, and nothing is streamed from the optical drive...i.e. full install on 360, PSN/DD, etc...

so just clarifying...the game runs fine when reading from both the optical and hard disc drives...only gets goofy when reading just a disc drive...

Sadist32042d ago

And also who cares what digital foundry said, I'm guessing we live in a world where people believe everything that is said on a gaming site, just buy the game and play it. If the textures pop up a second later, no biggie.

2042d ago

I expected this, hopefully it can be patched. Skyrim on 360 had the same issues with the game installed.

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