Freeze and Crash Issue in GTA V Might Also Be Due to Bad Disc or Failing X360/PS3 Console: Rockstar

Rockstar Games via their official support page has just revelaed the list of reason how your copy of GTA V or your console (PS3 or Xbox 360) might be the actual reason behind all the crashes, freezes, and crazy glitches that you experiencing while playing GTA V.

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PCGamingNoobs2045d ago

oh god damn, i opened my fat60gb ps3 up couple weeks ago to clean out the dust(or rats there was that much of it, note the plural) for this game so it stays cool and hopfully doesn't fail on me. i think this may be the final nail in my day one ps3, its done me proud.

but then again im hoping to get beyond two souls so it better last.

BattleReach2044d ago

Havent got any problems yet. Its running amazing! (360)

steve30x2044d ago

My Xbox 360 froze two and half hours into the ghame yeaterday but then soldiered on for 12 more hours without even a hickup. I doubt my Xbox is failing though because its only two months old

RedDeadLB2044d ago

I can confirm that you can actually figure out your PS3 is slowly dying (if you have the fat model) by how frequent your games freeze.

The closer it gets to dying, the more freezes you'll encounter. It will freeze once monthly, then once every two weeks, then a couple of times a week and then it's gone.

Been through that 2 times.