GTA 5 Player Stats

Here is a list of the stats in GTA V and an explanation of each one. Michael, Franklin and Trevor start with different Player Stats based on their backstory and skillset. These stats can be improved with experience, which will in term improve each character's individual abilities, reactions and endurance as they progress through the game.

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OhhWerd1951d ago

the stealth in the game i think should have you crouch just a bit more than it does currently.

dmeador1951d ago

I agree, it took me a second to figure out what that button actually did, haha. But a small complaint

OhhWerd1951d ago

lol, the slight hunch had me baffled till i figured out that was crouch, looks like an old man hunch.

3-4-51951d ago

These aren't trained special forces who know how to sneak around properly.

These are just random regular guy/criminal types.

Tiqila1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

i can sneak better and i am also no trained special forces...

oh and trevor was in the airforce so he might also have had a basic military training.

Lord_Sloth1950d ago

It doesn't take a trained specialist to know that ducking is more sneaky than standing slighty slouched.

ion6661951d ago

Trust me guys. You have to have thighs of steel to crouch walk like sam fisher.This is more realistic.

wishingW3L1951d ago

you guys always playing the realistic card when it's convenient. XD

Cam9771950d ago

Thanks for the heads up Sam.

MajorLazer1951d ago

I have maxed out Franklins shooting ability via the ammu-nation gun range :D

Perjoss1951d ago

Real men do it by shooting cops in the face (in game, of course).

cyguration1951d ago

Real Real men do it without the part in parenthesis.

LackTrue4K1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

real men's fist are like bullet rounds...

(in my case, there hollow tip!!)

TotalHitman1951d ago

If you get 100 stamina, you get unlimited stamina. Easiest way to do this is by triathlons.

ShaunCameron1946d ago

I reached 100% stamina with Franklin by doing a hooker. No joke. LOL

kingmushroom1951d ago

this game just made $800 mill wow

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