October PS+ Includes Far Cry 3, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen & Street Fighter X Tekken (EU)

Sony have been in touch to let us know next months PS+ games for Europe and as usual there are some corkers.

October’s big game is Far Cry 3, one of our favourite games from last year, and joining it will be a reboot of an Amiga classic, namely Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams.

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Snookies121951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Man.... Month after month the NA PS+ has paled in comparison to EU's. This is just getting insane how amazing EU's offerings are compared to ours. Congrats to you guys, but NA and JP have to step it up big time. It's embarrassing at this point how much EU is dominating in terms of PS+ goodness. I'd pay extra just to get some of the games you guys are getting...

gaelic_laoch1951d ago

It is about all we in Europe seem to be able to brag about ;)

Raf1k11951d ago

Yay for Europe lol.

After I read about Far Cry 3 yesterday I expected the other games to be "meh".

I was wrong though as Dragons Dogma is one I've been wanting to play and I don't mind giving fighting games a good bash even though I'm crap at playing them.

vigilante_man1951d ago

320GB is pretty full with another 8-10 games from PS+ in download list. I need to get 1TB drive for PS3. My 16GB Vita card is also full with 6-8 Vita games on the PS3 for when I want them. Now need the 64GB card.

Okay. Sony are getting their sh*t together in a big way at the minute!!

Campy da Camper1951d ago

I would gladly trade FC3 and DD on plus for two week early ps4 release....

macethedon1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

@Campy da Camper

What about the fact that we pay $150+ more than you 'muricans for the PS4, will you be willing to trade that.

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black0o1951d ago

hey u guys get all the releases 1st and PlayStation is #1 here at EU/ME regions

fardan851951d ago

I was planning to get Far Cr3 this month and I always wanted to play Dragons Dogma but didn't buy it because I got burnt with Capcom in the last few years. Amazing update, I hope I don't get screwed out like last time "I got NBA 2k13 instead of Spec ops :( "..

Sanquine901951d ago

Maybe because Europe supports the playstation brand beyond 'Merica. But the next genneration is coming and the playstation brand is dominating again. The american market is more important than ever before so i think playstation plus will improve

rageus1951d ago

I'm pretty sure you can just make an EU account on your PS3. As for store credit you can purchase prepaid cards online and receive the code by email.

sephiroth4201951d ago

yeah you can, ive done it numerous times with an american account, then they started having region lock on certain games and demos, thus pissing me off and making me stick to the eu account, i dont know if the eu games have a region lock on them so that american users cant use them. but that might have been becuase the game wasnt out in EU yet.

badz1491951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

don't complain! in Malaysia, we just get Sleeping Dogs replacing Hitman from last month! PS+ is a bit cheaper here though so I'm not complaining.

sephiroth4201951d ago

you didnt miss much, hitman was kinda shit, it definately has nothing on the new splinter cell.

Magicite1951d ago

@sephiroth420 are u sick or what? I agree that blacklist is great, but Hitman was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

N311V1951d ago

It might simply be that there are more EU PS+ members than NA.

Sony offers publishers a set amount of money to make there game available free to PS+ members for a certain amount of time. If there are more EU PS+ members than NA then the EU PSN may be able to offer publishers more money than NA PSN and can therefore make better games available more often.

Campy da Camper1951d ago

That's a very good point. I'm curious now as to what those numbers are. America plus vs Europe.

admiralvic1950d ago

Sadly there are a lot of possible answers and the truth might be that every situation has a different answer.

Some others include...

1) EU has multiple languages, so Sony works closer with companies to get games out there.
2) EU is better managed.
- Community members are more talkative and playful. Like we've seen them rumor / hint at things, where as US is typically "Yes! That game is fantastic" or "We're working on making things better".
- People constantly tell them that we don't want fighters, yet we constantly end up getting more fighters. I enjoy the genre, but it's WAY over represented in terms of genre.
- US does a trivial survey. Knowing what we like most each week means absolutely nothing for the future. Like getting a day 1 sale might be important to me, but I will never vote for it if I don't like the games. EU on the other hand looked at what genre people liked and revealed the information in hopes of trying to make people more happy. Who knows if it did anything, but it certainly looks and sounds better than "which item did you like the most or was it nothing?" each week.
- US seems to be behind on some things. Like Orc Attack was confirmed for a day, then it was revealed that it would actually be God Eater that releases.
- EU gets 2 Vita games, where as we might get one and a PSP game or two lesser digital titles.
- It's also entirely possible that people in Europe try harder than the US. They're certainly getting better results and US seems to shy away from problems citing silly excuses. "We would do monthly, but some people complain about us making errors, so it's weekly."

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SilleGamer1951d ago

Amazing update.

Far Cry 3 and Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen!!

PS Plus is worth every cent.

g-nome1951d ago

Ridiculous , I do not have the time to play all the free games. And GTA5 is waiting ....

awesomeperson1951d ago

I know, it's ridiculous that I feel buried under games to play, especially when so many of them are free. Sony's killing us :(

Salooh1951d ago

Don't say that. It's never enough !! :D
We want more and better !!! XD .
Great month for sure :P

TheGrimReaper00111951d ago

I know you're joking, but it really is the case sometimes. Not that I'm complaining ^^
But I havent even beaten the games of august and still have games on my vita
4 games came out i really wanted: rayman legends, killzone mercenary, kingdom hearts 1.5 hd remix and guild wars 2 (account got hacked >_< )
And then we still have GTA 5, Beyond Two Souls, GT6, Puppeteer, assassins creed 4, watch dogs AAHH MY GOD!
And then I havent even touched upon the ps4 and its upcoming games!
My wallet hates me! I ask for money, but it makes excuses that it has no money! ^^

RedSoakedSponge1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

awesome games! but i was hoping for something a little better for Vita since i own Katamari and dont care for SFXT. Hopefully the discounted games in october are worth a look.

Mouktouk1951d ago

Well, I'm probably the only one that cares about it, but... Katamari! W00t!!!

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