PlayTM: Too Human Preview - Too Good to Be True?

The potential saviour of the exhausted epic action (hack-and-slash RPG, if you prefer) genre could soon be upon gamers. The 3D action RPG creation known as Too Human has been in development off and on for almost ten years, believe it or not.

It first appeared at E3 1999 as a PSone game. Since then it has gone through several iterations and formats, including a prominent classification as vapourware - never to be released. But it has always remained a core project of the under-rated Canadian development studios Silicon Knights.

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green3839d ago

I am seriously praying for an august release date.

celticlonewolf3839d ago

Looking forward to this game. I got the same type of feeling(excitement) as I got for bioshock and I love that game.

rosebowl233839d ago

Not sure why anyone would be excited about Too Human. Have you all seen the videos? It looks mediocre at best. It pretty much plays like Dynasty Warriors. Just a regular ol' generic hack and slash that could have easily been done on the Playstation 1.

green3839d ago

Mass Effect,Too Human and Alan Wake have been my most anticipated titles for the past 3years.

Mass Effect exceeded my expectations and i am very sure that Too Human will meet my expectations.Can't wait.

celticlonewolf3839d ago

Mass effect was amazing Im so looking forward to the second installment

GiantEnemyCrab3839d ago

I am so looking forward to this game.

I really believe this is going to surprise a lot of people and go down as one of the best titles of 08.

Silicon Knights have a great track record for making great games.

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The story is too old to be commented.