PlayStation’s Tokyo Game Show Livestream Schedule Fully Detailed, Starts Strong with Deep Down, MGS5

A couple days ago Sony Computer Entertainment revealed the starting times and links for its livestreams from Tokyo Game Show, but what games were going to be shown when still wasn't known. Today they finally released a fully detailed schedule.

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Batzi2043d ago

MGSV on the 19th. MGSV on the 21st. Life can't get any better than this!

black0o2043d ago

here comes the big boOom


Wow Deep Down then MGSV ! Epic!

FamilyGuy2043d ago

Straight out the gate with Deep Down, THIS is how you show you're confident in a title. First up, hands-on, streamed for all to see. Nothing to hide of.

I look forward to watching more.

Relientk772042d ago

Deep Down, and MGSV, frickin' awesome