List of 80 new features in the Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard update

Microsoft today confirmed the Xbox 360 is going to get the "Fall 2006 System Update" tomorrow, October 31. The update is free and available to all Xbox Live members worldwide.

The Dashboard update feature list has over 80 additional features like: WMV, HD-DVD, 1080p and much more support.

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Mikey_Gee4462d ago

Is it just me or is this like the "4th" topic posted about the same thing ??

Don't get me wrong, I am very happy and look forward to in tommorow .... but who checks over these "NEWS FLASHES" before pushing them out ??

Rockman4462d ago

this is the update i've been waiting for. watching .wmv file on the 360 is gonna be super tight!

dikturbo4462d ago

When people want to make comparisons to the upcoming PS network this is the reason that MS has this battle in the bag. Over 80 improvements on top of the hundreds already made, how many mistakes will SONY have to make before they even get close to the type of network MS is providing today.

Quite amazing

Capt CHAOS4462d ago

I just see a load of bug fixes, and some improvements to help sell some of their products that their software wasn't ready for (HD-DVD and Cam). The 1080p support is the only main enhancement i see and compared with the ability to select multiple items to download, this isn't just a big deal for most of us..

Mikey_Gee4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

Some folks are never happy

BIadestarX4462d ago

Sony's next update (1-2 years from now) allow you to reponse to a friend's message while playing a game. Hey, at least the 360 was the first console to support 1080P or the so call True HD. Just be happy for the XBoys; your PS3 will be here Sooner or later.

Capt CHAOS4462d ago

1080p is the only thing that's cool on that and that's not such a big deal for most of us..

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