Why Are We Fascinated with Grand Theft Auto? Plus: The PS4's HDCP Woes - SESSLER'S ...SOMETHING

This week on Sessler's ...Something, Adam reflects on the just-reviewed GTA V, and why we're so fascinated with the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Plus: how concerned are we about the Playstation 4's HDCP policy

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ZBlacktt2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Very good watch!

GTA is such an appeal because it's the real world as we know now. But only without consequences towards our actions. You can take out on society as much mayhem as you desire. That trill of excitement, go anywhere, do anything, break the law, jack people up, shoot cops, be totally reckless. All while again seeing it relate to the world we live in today. It has more meaning to us then a far out fantasy game.

The Sony topic we all know will work itself out and become a non issue. That's how Sony has always dealt with issues of great concern. It's nice to see things getting addressed a few months before launch. So come time we have hands on. The issue's can be fixed and everyone is happy once again.

Muerte24942039d ago

but this isn't really an issue of "great concern". This is just Adam Sessler trying to hyperbole something that was on the PS3.

Adam is claiming other people like AngryJoe won't be able to capture footage, which in turn will cheat those with PS4 (regarding reviews and gameplay). It's sad how he's clinging on to this.

ZBlacktt2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

If you search, I've talked about this subject a lot. I've posted that youtube video you just linked to me about work arounds. The message I got from Adam was more like Sony coming out and "clarifying" the matter. We all saw the question asked on Twitter and we all saw the response. They are working on addressing it and making gamers happy. Which means right now they are doing so. Again, not a big deal so a clarification is all.

He may seem to be stressing on it more because at the end of the day. It's his job he is talking about. Not some hobby and he is just putting his two cents out there.

Fireseed2038d ago

Ok so you're clearly not understanding the issue with this. Sure their are work arounds, and their will always be a way to get the footage... but until Sony patches the issue, obtaining that footage through those workarounds is technically illegal. And you're YouTube account will be flagged for using copy protected content.

ZBlacktt2038d ago

I love how people just click disagree and have no about what we are talking about. Trying to educate people on here sometimes is sad. This is a legal issue Sony is dealing with and not a " oh we forgot " issue. They have to go back and modify what they set in place to protect from pirating.

( just talking in general and not directed towards you Muerte )

Godmars2902039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

That seems to be the way with "unbiased" reviewers like Sessler: MS gets a negative rumor play it down, Sony gets one play it up. Though he might feel extra obligated given all of the self-inflicted damage MS has suffered.

Then again we had this same BS with the PS3/360.

Kryptix2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

Good to see I'm not the only one that figured out what Sessler does with rumors on both sides. If you followed his career before where he is now, he always had a preference for the Xbox so I'm not surprised. In the G4TV days, he sarcastically admitted his bias against the PS3. And after his Uncharted 3 review, I lost respect for him and stopped watching G4's X-Play. The guy took a point off Uncharted 3 because the sand wasn't good enough and didn't support the plot very well. lol

Muerte24942039d ago

people across the net have debunked this time and time again. It's as simple as google'in "HDCP PS4 or PS3 Bypass" This is only place there so people and rip loss less Bluray MOVIES. I like you're trying to champion Xbox one now. It has a bluray drive so yes it will have HDCP as "SONY" own the licence to Bluray.

SonyNGP2038d ago

I'm still trying to grasp how this is supposed to be a "Sessler trying to champion the Xbox One" spin. He simply stated that if HDCP is fully implemented on the PS4, the Xbox One would be the easier alternative (for 3rd party games and without having to use an illegal workaround) if someone wants to record footage using a capture device since it won't have HDCP on games.

HDCP can have an option to only be implemented on movies and not games. I'm sure a company like Sony can accomplish something like that by now.

Godmars2902038d ago

Think it has to do with this anti-capture rumor becoming a general deal breaker. That people shouldn't by the allegedly better system because you can't do let's plays off of it.

How should that even be considered a legitimate selling point?

NexGen2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

Muerte: I'm a die hard Sony fan here, but uhhh...they don't "own the license to bluray." They're a part of a technology group with what, 10 other companies? Royalties, if any, are minimal.

Hicken2038d ago

Not fascinated with GTA. Never have been. Something must me wrong with me.

I wouldn't call the HDCP issue "woes." Like support for Arabic, it's a relatively minor problem that Sony's working on already.