$500 Gaming PC: Component Selection

Tom's Hardware writes:

"How Low Will We Go?

For some buyers, even a $700-800 performance PC is extravagant. One could speculate about the driving factors behind the sub-$500 PC market, such as frugality, youth or poverty, but in keeping Tom's Hardware quality standards high we shot straight for the frugal market.

Will We Succeed?

Not everyone will agree with our component choices, but we're confident that tomorrow's benchmarks will prove this system's worth. We will also try to answer the question: Is our $500 gaming system adequate for general purpose use by putting it up against our March System Builder Marathon's "Low-Cost" configuration."

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heyheyhey3862d ago


that would suck

could barely run Lemmings

TheIneffableBob3862d ago

Great build.

The only thing I sort of disagree with are the choices for RAM and graphics card. Personally, I'd switch out the 8800GS with a 9600GT and the Wintec Ampo RAM for G.Skill RAM, which is only $3 more on Newegg.

JDW3862d ago

8800GS will offer an ok performance......but for games like Crysis you will need something more powerful such as a 3870, 9600GT or 8800GT.

I Call 9MM3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Man, a 380 watt power supply... that's pushing it. All the other components really add up to a solid, 500 dollar build. Factor in the rebate on the GPU and they could probably find a case with a little more leg room in the wattage there. I had a 300 watt antec and I couldn't boot with an x1950 Pro, that went away pretty quick (bought a new PSU instead, 520 watt corsair. Works great).

I'd try to find a case with a reputable 450-500ish PSU in it just to be safe. You want to overclock that system, you need some leg room.

PopEmUp3862d ago

would kill that things

BludoTheSmelly3862d ago

Ram and power supply could be better. At least get 500 or more watts for down the road.

StrawHatKid3861d ago

I guess this would be $500 dollar gaming machine if everyone got Windows XP for free.