New My Life as a King additions revealed

Today's Famitsu issue revealed another batch of new Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King additions:

- [100 Points] Castle Update
- [200 Points] Library: Allows your people to memorize race-specific abilities. Coming in June.
- [300 Points] 11 Dungeons Pack: Adds 11 new dungeons. Coming this month.
- [300 Points] Tower of Eternity: New dungeon - Once one of your adventurers beats the powerful creature that's inside you gain an "unvaluable treasure". Coming in June.

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PS360WII3835d ago

Hmm Square Enix is certainly enjoying the dlc at the moment. I wonder if they'll do anything like this with Final Fantasy XIII?

M_Prime3835d ago

i bet they will..

and i hope UNVALUEABLE TREASURE is refering to giving all my WII POINTS back.. this is turning into a budget title.. though it will prolly sell better then if it was on a DISk at 29.99. I mean here u don't have to get ALL the content but if u get into the game u might as well. i iwll have to buy all the races.. :-(