Bungie on cross-platform development -- "The perks outweigh the pain"

Destiny developer says process is "hard" but worth it because it means new players can experience a Bungie game.

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FamilyGuy2873d ago

Man I completely forgot that Destiny was coming to the PS3. This will be their first go at working with the complicated Cell processor.

Death2873d ago

Believe it or not both the PS3 and Xbox 360 share common architecture. Both are based on PowerPC processors which were very common in Apple's Power Mac G5's. The Xbox 360's Xenon processor is actually modeled after the Cell's PPE.

Death2873d ago

Looking forward to Destiny and glad Bungie is able to make their game available to a wider audience. Should be interesting to see how well it is accepted on all platforms.

Big_B0SS2873d ago

Why is this game not getting the attaention it deserves? Sure its still fat away from release but Distany has not really been talked about by the media as much as Titan Fall.

I really think having Activision as a publisher will hurt this game becuase of the bad name that Bobby Kotic has with some gamers...fair enough that the casuals who eat and sleep COD are more that the ones here on N4G and other websites but its still an install base that Distany wont get.

The COD fans are a diffrent breed of people and require fast paced games which require no team work and Distany is the oppsosite of COD so I do not see them buying it.

The Halo fans are a loyal a didicated bunch and even though they respect Bungie most do not want anything to do with Distany as ir might be a direct theat to Halo.

The hipster gamers want Distany to fail so that Activison dies and goes away and stop making COD.

Death2873d ago

I'm a pretty big Halo fan. Have all the games, read all the books, met the Bungie guys, etc. I'd love to see Destiny more successful than Halo. Nothing wrong with having multiple excellent franchises. N4G is a unique place. To simply think a game can be aa "threat" to another is such odd thinking. Most gamers just want games. There are a lot less out there that care who the publisher is or how many more games anotherfranchise might sell.

voodoochildnyc2873d ago

wow kid you are just making straight up blind assumptions and blanket statements. i love halo and have been a dedicated fan since combat evolved, i love cod and it does so require a lot of teamwork when you play at a high level vs. high level players, and having not even played it, i already love destiny. i couldn't care less about who their publisher is because bungie has full creative control.

you have no insight into anything man really. and aside from mentioning that this game deserves more attention, which is definitely true from a general audience perspective, you really just wasted space on everyones screen.

hazardman2873d ago

Man you crazy if you think Halo fans wont buy this. Also like how you somehow know how people are gonna be towards the game. I have plenty of PS only friends and Halo players who cant wait to get their hands on this game. I have no worries with Activision.

I would say Bungie has a pretty good following and will only be adding to it now that they went multiplatform.

Raoh2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )


I think its a couple of reasons. One is probably a betrayal feeling from xbox gamers. For others, they still get halo and many gamers don't follow developers anyway. Many don't know Bungie, they know they want their halo.

Another is the over expectation that playstation gamers want a Bungie game as if PS gamers were jealous of Halo. Tell me that the makers of Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon or Alan Wake are coming to playstation and I'll get very excited. The makers of Halo? Not so much, they are respected and I value that they value their fans in the sense of delivering a technically sound product. But I'm just not excited for another future shooter.

Maybe they should have made something other than a shooter for their first multiplatform game.