Adventure Classic Gaming reviews Sam & Max Episode 205: What's New, Beelzebub?

Erik-André Vik Mamen writes:

''All good things must come to an end… err… Hell! This time, Sam and Max goes to Hell and creates "hell" for everybody-Satan included. Surely, is this a strange way to end a season? Not at all, least for the freelance police. When they find out that their neighborhood street is just a "soul" train stop from Hell, they are not scared; rather, they cannot wait but to jump onboard and pay a visit to the place of eternal damnation to save Bosco's soul.

Only this Hell is a bit different. It is crowded with familiar faces-faces whom Sam and Max have seen before and many of whom Sam and Max are responsible for sending there. To a casual visitor, Hell may not seem so bad. It is true that every day is Monday, and the clock shows just 1 minute before closing… forever. Every computer seems to run only on Linux (I guess Hell is still open source), and the coffee is always cold (even in Hell). It seems that working in the cooperate wasteland of Hell is just like working in a Dilbert like office-to the casual visitor at least. Only difference there is that Satan is the boss. When someone gets fired, someone really gets fired (if you know what I mean)!''

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