GTA 5 PS3 gameplay – Michael’s first 3 missions

OPM: More spoilers. This time with gameplay for Michael’s first 3 GTA 5 missions on PS3. We’ve got the first 3 missions for all the main cast as well as the first hour overall. Check it all out.

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CaptainYesterday2040d ago

Time is going sooo slow right now I just wanna go pick it up!!!

CaptainYesterday2040d ago

I don't think....I'm going to make it....tell my wife..hello...

xPhearR3dx2040d ago

It's okay. She'll be forgetting. Michael, Trevor and Franklin need you XD

Bhuahahaha2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

still cant decide what version should i get ps3 or 360

need to watch more clip and reviews

ziggurcat2040d ago

both versions look identical (any differences are too subtle for you to even care about).

PS3 was the lead platform, so it may perform better on PS3.

Aleithian2040d ago

This looks beautiful. My question is: PS3 disc or digital download? Not sure which will run better.

ziggurcat2040d ago

i'm getting the digital PS3 version, so i hope it doesn't have the issues that the installed X360 version has (minor pop-in issues).

Aleithian2040d ago

I'm leaning towards that version, but I'll hold off until the reports come in I think.

2040d ago