FPSGuru: PAX Prime - Takedown: Red Sabre Preview

FPSGuru: "Today shooters are going in all sorts of directions with what's being made. We've got Call of Duty having players take the guns blazing Rambo route, Arma 3 bringing an extremely realistic approach, Rise of the Triad bringing back the old school portion of the genre, and then there's Takedown: Red Sabre. Takedown: Red Sabre is in development by Serellan LLC full of developers from teams like Bungie, Microsoft, Monlith, Snowblind, Ubisoft, Red Storm, and I can go on. They've worked on many triple A titles even if they're indie. Takedown: Red Sabre is a tactical shooter focusing on close quarters scenarios which will be realistic and require tons of communication. Serellan LLC took to Kickstarter to garner support for their project by funding their goal of $200,000 with an extra $21,833 back in April of 2012."

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