Total War: Rome 2′s huge second patch promises performance and AI improvements

You could read a book in the time it takes for Rome 2 to calculate AI movements between turns. Our Chris Thursten has made good progress with Game of Thrones. I, meanwhile, tend to make a cup of tea every end-turn event, and then run my empire with the urgency and recklessness of a hyper-stimulated general with a permanently full bladder. To the delight of my internal organs, CA are trying to trim those long AI thinking times down. They’ve posted a list of fixes made by a beta version of the second patch, which went into testing on Friday, of which “campaign performance optimisations” and “AI round time improvements” are the most welcome. There are also GPU optimisation tweaks listed alongside significant in-game changes to unit speed and morale-battering flank charges. The fix-list is here for your perusal.

hiredhelp3547d ago

HUGE AMOUNT FIXES... Glad to see

3-4-53546d ago

If this fixes enough I'll buy it, if not, I'm kind of waiting for a steam sale.

I just have this feeling it will go for 20% off or something the day after I buy it.

Want to play it though, watched a ton of gameplay and it looks awesome. Every other ones was at worst, decent.

Einhert3547d ago

I will wait and see, I never buy total war games on launch as they are always really buggy and unoptimised.

Il pick this up in a steam sale next year maybe.

hiredhelp3547d ago

It has bugs sure but this patch is awsome but as it stands its still worth buying its very playable enjoyable just minor bugs mainly.

Einhert3547d ago

I disagree, better to wait until the game is stable, this patch will probably break just as much as it fixes and they will be juggling with it for a while.

In a few months time it will be cheaper, have most of the major bugs fixed, be better optimised and have an expansion out.