Casual Takeover?

Hooked Gamers:

"As somebody who would typically be branded as a hardcore gamer, I am started to see a worrying trend in the games of today which immediately set alarm bells ringing for me. I think the image at the start of this post might give you a little hint as to what I am talking about, coupled with the title being a summary of my fears. Gaming seems to be going very casual.

With the success of Nintendo's Wii and DS, gaming has truly broken that barrier standing between it and the 'regular' human being, allowing it to reach far more people than the antisocial hermits we hardcore gamers are often seen as. Suddenly games are about everyday life, and apparently we don't get enough of that in, well, everyday life."

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PS360WII3837d ago

My goodness why is it so hard for long time gamers to know that casual games have had the majority of releases since home consoles started. It's isn't a 'new' trend it's the trend. Hardcore gaming has always been the minority. We'd like to think we aren't but it's true. The success of the Wii and DS is not having a negative effect in the world of hardcore gaming. Hardcore games will still be made just like casual games will still be made.

ChickeyCantor3837d ago

i think you have enough bubbles for the next 100 years! !!!!!

PS360WII3837d ago

whoo-hoo the next 100 years ^^ Oh yeah!

nutjuice3837d ago

no comments in the Wii section of articles except for this article.

I guess this site is not casual

BrotherNick3837d ago

hehe, the casuals are getting tired of constant trolls.

ItsDubC3837d ago

Wow, I've heard this exact same FUD a million times. If you think "casual" gaming is so detrimental to "hardcore" gaming, then you might be a hyprocrite if you own any Guitar Hero game.

PS360WII3837d ago

Or Loco Roco, Viva Piniata, Tetris, Velocity Bowling, Geometry Wars, Super Stardust, Little Big Planet, etc...