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Disney has a very straightforward mission statement: make people happy.

Unfortunately, with Where’s My Water 2 the company unloads a rather intrusive freemium model upon the player, with the intention to get people hooked and consequently letting them down. Where’s My Water 2 mimics its own series by applying mostly the same gameplay, but quickly starts nagging with Facebook requests and an energy meter that allows for just a little playtime.

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brianace2871d ago

Attention iphone/android game developers: if you push Facebook on me, I will not buy your game. Not now, not ever. Forcing Facebook sign ins and buying time/lives whatever is a sure way to ruin the long term prospects of your game. Which is a shame. Because I've purchased Where's my Water/Perry/Mickey, and thoroughly enjoyed each installment. I won't even download WMW2, as I do not support this type of scheme. A pox on Candy Crush, and all it has wrought upon gaming.

Pozzle2864d ago

Same here. Where's My Water 1 was such a fun and addictive little mobile game, so it's disappointing to discover the sequel has been ruined with an awful F2P design. Why fix what ain't broke? D: