Soul Sacrifice Delta Debut Trailer Analysis and Wish List

Soul Sacrifice is probably my favorite completely original PlayStation Vita exclusive game yet, but it certainly isn’t perfect. When I heard that the game was getting a shiny re-release called Soul Sacrifice Delta, my mind went abuzz with different enhancements and additions that Comcept and Sony Japan Studio could make to Delta to make it even more amazing than the first game. The game’s brief debut trailer heavily focuses on one new component in the game.

Let’s talk a little bit about that and get right into the new features I’d like to see in Soul Sacrifice Delta.

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ninjahunter2046d ago

Hmmm, So its like an expansion? or.... Idk.

Spenok2045d ago

They have said it is not an expansion. It's kind of like how Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen was to the original Dragon's Dogma.

So while not an official "Expansion"... to current owners it might as well be. Except for the fact the extra content won't be available for download separately :/

ninjahunter2045d ago

Oh, so its a D*ck move, haha.