1UP Previews: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

1UP writes: "Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is notable for being the action-driven, multiplayer-based take on Square Enix's evergreen RPG series. Or that's what we thought, anyway, until we learned about My Life As a King, the company's WiiWare debut. Given the space limitations involved in WiiWare (Nintendo's not talking on actual numbers, but we've been told it's in the 40-50 MB range) and Square Enix's determination to make every game look as shiny and pretty as possible, King has turned out to be a rather different sort of experience than previous Crystal Chronicles titles. Where other titles in the series have one to four players teaming up to venture forth into dungeons and whack enemies with weapons and magic, King offers a more managerial approach.

As the title suggests, players take the role of a young king tasked with the need to build a kingdom. It would be beneath his royal dignity to take up arms himself -- in Square Enix's world that's the exclusive purview of spunky princesses, not ruling monarchs -- so instead he recruits adventurers to do the dirty work for him. The result could best be described as an inversion of the traditional RPG: rather than playing as the brave warrior accepting missions from your liege, you're instead the guy who doles out the missions."

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