50 Reasons you're a crappy customer

Gamesradar reports:

''Not too long ago GR threw a big ol' pillow fight we called The Week of Hate. We got a lot of crap off our chest, and the internet rejoiced in the only way it knows how: with an amusingly disproportionate amount of resentment. And that's beautiful! We're all about venting here. It's extremely therapeutic.

So, when the employees of an actual Minnesota game store sent us a list of the 50 things they hate about their customers, we couldn't help but chuckle in absolute agreement. Our office contains more than a few veterans of retail, so we can confirm that, yes, a lot of you stroll into your local GameStops, Game Crazys and EBs completely unaware of how much of an obnoxious ass you are.

Consumers: The time has come to educate yourself! Because for most of you, it's not a question of which number below represents you - it's how many.''

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