‘Beyond: Two Souls’ sexual content, drug usage and more details revealed

The sexual content, drug usage and more details have been revealed by the Entertainment Software Rating Board for “Beyond: Two Souls.”

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DigitalRaptor2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

It's a David Cage game, so this doesn't surprise me at all.

I just hope there's none of that in The Dark Sorcerer:

despair2040d ago

Not a real game, just a tech demo like how the Kara demo was just showing off the tech and not actually a game.

neocores2040d ago

Incase u dont know Dark Sorcerer will be a real game for next gen

despair2040d ago


Except there is no evidence of this and I'm sure I saw somewhere that David Cage said it was just a tech demo showing off the engine on PS4.

I for one would love it to be a full game but not expecting it.

Ratty2040d ago

Indeed. David Cage loves those tech demos. Besides, The Dark Sorcerer was made on the Beyond Engine and he said he'd be using a different engine next gen. Plus, he only works on one game at a time.

Lykon2040d ago

ugh David cage. The last of us has a much more sensitive use of dialogue and much deeper characters than that heavy rain rubbish.. plus TLOU is an actual playable game with much of the dialogue unfolding during game play. So he can stick beyond two souls up his R soul.

DigitalRaptor2040d ago

LOL @ not a playable game.

Might as well call point and click adventures "non games" too if you're going to establish a standard of your own.

Lykon2040d ago

i used to love the old point and click games . sorry I think heavy Rain is a mess ... plot holes ...awkward controls. arbitrary quick time events. um inconsistent pacing and mish mash of types of game play. oh then at the end of the first play through .. your presented with spoilers of if you'd played the game differently. shallow characters. jason . jason . jason . jason ...yawn...jason jason jason jason (tears of bordom now rolling down face ) jason jason jason jason .... please let it end...

XboxFun2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

There is like no hype for this game at all.

It's too bad too, looks interesting along the line that Heavy Rain.

There are just too many other big names plus the new consoles getting attention at the moment.
I seriously think this game will get swept right under the gaming rug.

CGI-Quality2040d ago

There's plenty of hype. It just isn't on the level of the current event: GTA V.

bjmartynhak2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

Last of Us, GTA V, next-gen... too many big competitors calling for attention,

Anyway, I'm ready to play my copy in a few weeks!

despair2040d ago

I'm getting it day 1, I mean I loved Heavy Rain so that made this a no brainer.

CaptainYesterday2040d ago

I was just talking to cashier at Eb Games I was asking him about a few different games, we started talking about Beyond Two Souls he told me they got a shit ton of pre orders more than he expected. I pre ordered it too I think it seems pretty interesting :)

CGI-Quality2040d ago

It may get swept under YOUR gaming rug, but many others are getting it and have been hyped for it.

Soldierone2040d ago

I think it will be a sleeper hit, same thing happened to Heavy Rain. Didn't start off that amazing, then people got a hold of it and sales started to climb when no one expected it. It wasn't a great selling game, just moderate. Same will happen to this.

CGI-Quality2040d ago

Actually, Heavy Rain's sales started off very strong. 500K first week.

This won't be a sleeper hit, because people are expecting it to be good. Sleeper hits are games that come from nowhere.

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Games4ever2040d ago

This game and GTA V will be the last I buy on PS 3.

Time to move on to PS4

Ratty2040d ago

Same here though I'd have to add Final Fantasy X HD.

GiantEnemyCrab2040d ago

There will be a demo available on PSN Oct 1.

SolidGear32040d ago

Got my steelbook edition pre ordered. Quantic Dream is my favorite developer and Ellen Page is my favorite actress. What you expect? :3