Generation Four – Overlooking Japan

The PS4 and Xbox One won’t be launching until 2014 in Japan, why the change in launch priorities?

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NYC_Gamer2044d ago

Its because Japan isn't a strong market for home consoles anymore

Rikitatsu2043d ago

"Generation Four"


pwnsause_returns2043d ago

It's generation 4. Let me reclarify for the author, it's gen 4 for console gaming in a 3d environment. Even EA states it this way.

Viper72043d ago

Personally I think they just want to focus on NA and EU for now which I think is pretty good strategy (assuming they already have troubles meeting the high demand)

It's not like WiiU or X360 are really a threat for the console in Japan. Besides they probably want more Japanese games for the Launch.

FamilyGuy2043d ago

It might just be that Japan is tired of these dated consoles so they're playing mobile games more. Who's to say that the next gen release won't revitalize the console industry there the way it's expected to everywhere else?

Either way, the two biggest markets are the main focus and they should be.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2043d ago

who cares.. theyu are still gonna get it.

Dlacy13g2043d ago

clear market trends show Japan moving to mobile options for gaming...couple that with a rough economy and it makes 100% sense to wait on launching there. If someone in Japan really wants a launch console they can import it.

otakukidd2043d ago

Your age is showing... It's not the fourth generation.

abusador2043d ago

Common sense the bigger console markets arent in Japan, duhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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