All Available Diablo 3 Information, one of the oldest and the biggest Diablo fansite out there, has naturally taken on the mantle for Diablo 3. Looking at all the fansites, it seems a new Diablo 3 buzz wave is on it's way, and according to Alexa, the Diablo community is reaching the size it had back in 2002! If there ever was a good time for Blizzard to announce Diablo 3, it's now.

Awaiting this announcement that hopefully will come on WWI 2008 in Paris, there has been a huge compilation of Diablo 3 facts on's Diablo 3 information page. It contains the entire timeline and events, including Flagship-related, as well as known project statuses from sources of information reaching from today back to '00. They report:

"On the back of our shiny new DIII forum Flux has gathered together all the Diablo III info going back to 2000. It should keep you straight on which rumour surfaced when and who said what and how much nudge, nudge, wink, wink was involved. You'll find some pretty impressive fake DIII artwork too.

If there's anything missing feel free to add it, if you are a site member you can edit the page and you're welcome to do so. Click for the Diablo III info page."

So, is D3 at WWI in Paris a bet?

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Leord3890d ago

Honestly, that article is amazing.

kalos3890d ago

I hope for reality, but experience tells me otherwise. Yet another Diablo III rumor is born :P

Leord3890d ago

Well, many of the old ones have been fake. There are more and more things building up on a rumour for D3 at LEAST to be in production! I hope blizzard don't feel they can wait as long as they did with StarCraft II before they disclose the project...

Farsendor13890d ago

well if you all read they aren't confirming making a rumor they are just speculating mainly when blizzard is going to announce it.

Maticus3890d ago

D3 is a sure bet for some time in the future. I'd be very surprised if they don't make the game, it would be an instant hit. Who knows, we might see it announced in June ^^

Diugu3890d ago

It comes to consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.