Heavenly Sword 2, XMB and more rumours from the Official PlayStation Magazine

By now PSlegion know that the PlayStation Official Magazine is out, and the big news is its review for Grand Theft Auto 4 (perfect score PSlegion might add). However their rumour machine, featuring 'Insider whispers', also provides interesting reading:

- Want more on the PlayStation Store? Well bite size episodic gaming will hit "before the end of the year"

- Heavenly Sword 2 will feature a male lead and will take place ten years after the original (as long as Kai is still involved and we are still able to play 'twing-twang').

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Fishy Fingers4973d ago

“The bizarre Linger In Shadows, complete with flying dogs and deadly black smoke, will be a PSN download”

I assume he just means the actual video? If is indeed a game, theres no way it will be a PSN title. Will it?

paul_war4973d ago

I asume the game, don't know why they would include a roumour for a video.

Shadow Flare4973d ago (Edited 4973d ago )

Its gotta be just a video. The big games like that are usually always just on bluray. But i don't think LingerInShadows is a game, its just a techdemo. People thought it was a game because they thought this was what that BBC reporter saw. I mean, what kind of game has giant flying dogs chasing giant cats and a wierd black cloud snake thing? Tech demo

meepmoopmeep4973d ago

no way it's a game, it'll be the trailer but i'd like to watch it on my hdtv anyway.
hs2 was a given since ninja theory said they're making a trilogy.

Ghoul4973d ago

it's a techdemo not a video, so expect it to run in realtime and useable camera controlls.

sonarus4973d ago

wtf heavenly sword without a girl as lead is lame. in game xmb better make it out in the nxt update. I hope ps3 gets accomplishments in time for MGS4 too. MGS4 is a game i plan to finish to the fullest

Qbanboi4973d ago

So...who else is thinking that:

Heavenly Sword + Male Lead = God of War.

Lol, come on, the big diference between god of war and heavenly sword, was that one was a big, bad ass killer of gods and the other a sexy, bad ass killer of kings.

Amanosenpai4973d ago

Agree ^^,

Yey Kratos with boobs... wait a sec... UGGG

Heavenly sword is special cause its main char... the sexy red hair.

I mean, a man???.... what about prince of persia or GOW

CaptainHowdy4973d ago

Going for God of War's fanbase with an even MORE obvious charcter rip is not the way to go. I'd rather they pull a Gandalf, a Neo, a Prequel, or SOMETHING! Anything other than getting rid of Nariko.

mindedone4973d ago

You took the words right out of my mouth. Why would they change the main character to an unknown when they already have a (small) following with Kai?

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4973d ago (Edited 4973d ago )

I`m w/ you.

Ready @ Dawn Working On The PS3, Equals A Massive Win.

Male Lead In Heavenly Sword, I dont know about that.

ruibing4973d ago

Hmm since Ninja Theory is currently working on a cross platformer and Sony owns the rights to Heavenly Sword, I wonder if it's possible that Ready at Dawn, having made a pretty damn good GoW for the PSP, is now making Heavenly Sword 2 for the PS3.

SIX4973d ago

Has a male lead!? That would kinda suck.

tweaker4973d ago

The story has to continue and unfortunately Nariko died at the end of the first game. Kai would've been a good lead but she is not worthy of the Heavenly Sword.

Diugu4973d ago (Edited 4973d ago )

Huge, massive, impressive, outstanding spoiler.

If I had not finished the game already, I would chase you and commit murder.

Have a nice day.

Sev4973d ago

I was hoping the Heavenly Sword would "revive" Nariko.
One of the things that made that game unique was Nariko being female and the flowing flame red hair.

I am very disappointed.

I really liked HS too.

SUP3R4973d ago

Well thanks for ruining the story.
Thanks a lot.

tweaker4973d ago (Edited 4973d ago )

I thought by now everybody played HS1. Sorry, my bad man.

Diugu4973d ago

I am quite sad I never bought the game... I would love to re-play it. Unfortunately I don't know how I can purchase it here where I live and I am not about to spend a huge sum of money to import it.

Anyways... I hope this isnt true, and there is another female character. If not, I am sure it will also be great, male or female main character.

ikiru33854973d ago

i remember in the beginning nariko saying that the Heavenly Sword would kill its user and she said she was dying so......her dying isn't really a spoiler.

Corrupt4973d ago (Edited 4973d ago )

God of War also showed Kratos falling off a cliff to what was seemingly his death at the beginning, but what do you know, he's in GOW2. So, yes, it is a spoiler.

NOLA4973d ago

only trouble is, i managed to finish it in 6 hours. so long as the 2nd one plays as well as the 1st but just LONGER i wont mind
I want Kai to be the new lead too :)

TheExecutive4973d ago

tweaker... i am seriously taking a bubble for that. I am at the final boss battle. thanks dude.

Foliage4973d ago

I was hoping to continue with Kai. Her gameplay moments were sometimes the best part of the game. I thought she was a lot more original than Nariko. If this is true it is a shame.

I do hope HS2 is in production. The story was great in the first one.

EZCheez4973d ago

You've got to at least warn people before you do that. The games not that old.

ravinash4973d ago

No, I hadn't finished HS yet....I was stuck on the last level and was taking a break until rumble came out in the UK.
Oh well, Ho Hum....

PS3GamerFix4973d ago

Heavenly Sword never got the credit it deserved due to its short length and word got out quick about it. I found the game had an amazing story and had great potential overall as a series. But wtf?!? Killing Nariko was the downfall of this series as she is what made the game what it was. I don't get the whole idea of killing a character that had so much potential to become a franchise figure. I loved the game BUT this whole male lead character idea will flop unless they really make a good job at making him extremely unique and not seem like a Dante/Kratos/Prince of Persia kind of hack and slash macho stereotype that you see in so many games.... hopefully Wet (by Sierra) may surprise us with a better female lead character.

ban fans4973d ago

I haven't played the game, but a male lead just seems stupid. Why not make a prequel or something. I know the last thing we need is another action game with a sexy female lead jumping around, but the ABSOLUTE last thing we need is an action game with a muscular guy jumping around. Besides, the hair was cool!

Oh well, she'll probably be unlockable or downloadable or some such thing anyway. I doubt they will cut her out completely.

themyk4972d ago

i just got heavenly sword today from game fly. and just got done playing about an hour of it. and came here and read this.

not that i care about the spoiler. i just got it to play. i never really cared for hack n slash games. but what the hell.

long live solid snake.

tweaker4972d ago

I seem to piss a lot of people with this. lol. Console fanboys, take notes! You could use this to your advantage. ;)

Bolts4972d ago

Nariko was pretty much doomed as soon as you get to the level select screen so the game already clued you in to her fate. Its not like the game just came out, at some point you gotta stop minding the spoilers.

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Kain814973d ago

i think the last Boss fight agianst the Raven Lord was Epic.
I hope there is a sequell

MikeGdaGod4973d ago

yeah that was a great boss battle

TheJBag4973d ago

That boss fight was so STUPID.

paul_war4973d ago

The boss fights were not the best, very old school. Learn their attack pattern and you're sorted.

NOLA4973d ago

the cut scene where andy serkis becomes the raven king is completely awesome though

Kleptic4973d ago

yeah that part was insanely was the scene with Serkis and Nariko takes up the HS...those were all in game right?...I know a lot of them were, but for some reason that last scene with the Raven King coming to be looked a little too good...can't remember...

the game was awesome at times...undeniably great motion capture...but yeah, the actual boss battles kind of least favorite being that serpent girl in the just keep rolling away from stupid wave after stupid wave...