Destructoid- Review: GTA V

DT:Writing an introduction to a Grand Theft Auto review seems unnecessary. If you know videogames, you know Grand Theft Auto. Hell, even if you don't know videogames, there's a better than low chance you know Grand Theft Auto. The "bad boy" of the games industry for many years, few titles have generated as much controversy -- and sold as many copies -- as Rockstar's premier crime series.

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Kingdom Come2047d ago

Jim Sterling also reviewed Saints Row IV and gave it a 9.5.

I give up on gaming journalism.

wAnxTa2047d ago

Wow, really? Saints Row IV was so fucking shitty. Had to force myself to play it for at least an hour.

Count2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

I don't see why giving a 9 out of 10 to something is a sign that gaming journalism is stagnating any more than giving a 10 out of 10 would be.

As for Jim giving a 9.5 to Saints Row IV. Maybe, he, I dunno? Found it more fun?

Chapter112047d ago

How dare you think rationally. This is the internet, we don't take kindly to your type round here

maximus19852047d ago

Oh just stop! Saints row 4 was part 3 with powers at night gta v has added so much more since gta 4 or San Andreas.....screw it I don't care enjoy saint row I'm going to pick up the GOTY contender

Count2047d ago

You're already calling the game a GOTY contender when you've yet to even play it.

Einhert2046d ago

What a stupid statement.....

So it is impossible for someone to enjoy one game over another depending on personal taste?

And GTA V doesnt deserve 10/10 like he said in the review, I have had my copy since saturday and I can tell you it is a fantastic game but not a 10/10 game.

It has its faults like a distinct lack of mini games and activities compared to San Andreas, no character customisation beyond clothes, hairstyles and tattoos.

The game also technically struggles with the old hardware putting out poor frame rates and the overall presentation is very good texture wise but the old hardware hurts it.

There is also only a limited number of heist missions which are really fun and kind of left sitting when they had so much potential.

If you prefer complete and utter OTT action and pure satire with ridiculous weapons and humour then its easy to see why someone would prefer saints row over a more realistically aimed GTA game.

Chapter112047d ago

Review scores are the worst thing to happen to gaming. Everyone is going ape shit over Destructoid's and The Escapist review score. Making death threats, saying they give up on game journalism. Review scores bring nothing but misery, because people are too stupid to actually read the article and comprehend the fact that people have different opinions than they do, and that not all games are perfect.

maximus19852047d ago

When a reviewer tells me one game is equivalent or better than another game incorrectly and I mistakenly buy said game YES it's a problem

Count2047d ago

I applaud those kinds of scores. I am so sick and tired of people tossing out 10s all the time.

And yes, the community has become so ridiculous that even going so far as to give a game a 9.8 is sacrilegious!

From now on. I think I'm just going to ignore all of these assclown reviewers that toss out 10s and focus on the ones that seem more credible.