The portable consoles touched by the censure

The censure is everywhere. But, this time, perhaps the parents would appreciate the gesture.

Video games console is often one of the last devices that touch your child before going to sleep.
But our charming portable console can also be an Internet browser and allow this child to take a look at the net before sleeping.
Alone in his bed, the child can discover... erotic web sites. I am sure that many of you have already done it.
That is why an English company, Censorit, offers a service for parents. Censorit sets a proxy between the device (PSP / DS / Mobile Phone) and the Internet.
The society provides a list of banned addresses - like a black list - that adults can fill out. It is therefore a parental protection requiring no intervention on the PSP.

All this service is provided for £4, or nearly 8$.

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LJWooly3841d ago

130 degrees, and not a single comment. You all wanted a bigger shot of that picture, didn't you? For shame.

Tempist3841d ago

Well there's not much to say... Who's that deprive that they have to use the PSP for pron... You know how slow it is for browsing, not to mention how it lays out webpages making some sites impossible to navigate...

Seriously, someone has a lot of patience with the PSP if they're browsing porn with it. It would be far easier to put porn on the memory card and watch it from there than brows for it.

Ro11z3841d ago

theres a service called openDNS that will do the same for free.

sure its as complicated as the payed for one but it works for free.

plus there are porn sites out there made to work on the PsP and other devices kids have.

Eclipticus3841d ago

so this seems just another way to take money, and spread the fear...
vultures I say.

i mean honestly, does a parent want to spend all that time entering porn sites they dont want their children going to?

do they realise how many porn sites there are?? the parents will spend like a month or two just entering all the sites in there. before it can even be used. by that time thier precious little children will be in HS getting busy with other students.