PS3 Achievements – What should they be called?

Sony have reiterated that the PlayStation 3 is getting its own version of the Xbox 360s Achievements soon. Originally billed as Trophies, the vice president of the PlayStation Network is now touting them as the hideously titled 'Accomplishments.'

Trophies, Accomplishments, Medals, Entitlements. PlayThree takes a look at what name suits the PlayStation brand best.

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Fishy Fingers3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

"point whore rewards"?

Sorry, I'm not a fan of achievements. But I guess a lot of you are and they can help prolong the life of the game for some. But personally, I could live without them quite happily.

SAND-MAN3836d ago

Agree 100%.. the only way i would care about these is if they could be out to buying items in Home or something along that line..

Feihc Retsam3836d ago

Or you could directly rip from Miscrosoft, and go with... get ready.... ACCOMPLISHMENTS !!!

You can talk smack all you want, but I'm sure the main reason you guys aren't a fan of achievements is because you don't have an Xbox360. I'm sure someone will dispute that with the same old 'I have All of the consoles!!!! and the PS3 is teh best!!!!'

But that's a lie.
Anybody who games consistently on their 360 knows how great achievements are. They motivate people to explore, and continue to discover new things and play games differently than they would without the achievements.

The fact that SONY intends to incorporate a similar system is a testament to how fantastic the entire concept is.
Once the PS3 has a unified "trophy" system, you can sit there and say you don't like it, but you will be trying to unlock them just like everyone else.

Bathyj3836d ago

How about
Attention Slut Brownies or ASB's.

Actually my first idea was to call them scalps, and everytime you take a scalp you hear an Indian warcry. Still, stills always a chance someone might find that offensive.

solidt123836d ago

I don't care too much for them but I do have both systems and when I use to play my 360 Achievments changed the way I played the game. I would find my self playing only Ranked online matches in Rainbows Six to unlock more achievement, but when I got Rainbow Six on the PS3 too me it didn't matter what kind of match I played. Achievements didn't make playing more fun just made me play with a certain goal in mind other than what the game was designed for.

This does give some incentive to play through single player games more than once though. For instance I have played through Uncharted on the PS3 twice because I want to find all the treasures to unlock Rewards.

Silellak3836d ago

I love the idea of achievements - a "checklist" of things to do in every game and a rewarding "ding" when you do them. Sort of like the "ding" feeling MMOs players get when they level, except actually fun.

What I don't care for is Gamerscore. I think it promotes people harvesting easy games for easy achievements. I could care less what the dumb number next to my name is - I just enjoy getting as many achievements in a game as possible. It helps me get more bang for my buck, especially in single player experiences.

Qbanboi3836d ago

Man, i like the SAND-MAN idea. Sony totally could use that. I mean, if you get to some amount of Trophy, you could use them and buy chair, paints and stuff from HOME. They win anyway, because people will buy those games, more.

Foliage3836d ago

Remember the good ol' days where instead of unlocking a small piece of text, you would actually unlock game content? You know, the stuff people actually care about?

Some titles have done it recently with some success. Uncharted, God of War, to name a few.

CaptainHowdy3836d ago

--Pokepoints(since you mindlessly try to get them all)
--Cheating-For-Replay-Value-C rowns
--D*Ck Comparing Rewards
--"Your LIVE it"
--WHY-Am-I-Doing-This?-Trophi es
--Awards(sponsered by Summer's Eve)
--I-Do-Have-Gaming-"Skil ls"-"Gawwwwddd"!
--Shallow Victory Ribbons
--Wow,-It's-Daylight-Mileston es

deeznuts3836d ago


That's what they should do.

dan-boy3836d ago

because ps3 owners don't want them, or see the point in them according to what i've read on here! some guy the other day said that ps3 owners were real gamers, and 360 players are just worried about achievements and gamerscore!! lol

but if they do, they should call them accomplishments... because you can't call them entitlements as it sounds ridiculous unless they are gonna give you something for it. and completing some things is an accomplishment! my opinion on the matter folks!

k2d3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

PROTOTYPE:"You have unlocked a new item [Trophy]: "Stealth Cloak""

[Trophy] -> major achievement, could act as a game asset
[Medal/Diploma] -> lesser achievement
[Music track]

Vito44343836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Many would argue that you could spend your time doing something constructive or getting out in the sun. What’s wrong with achievements or keeping track of what you do while gaming, at least you will have something to show for wasted time. Look everyone here is hoping to become a game developer despite low math skills. I am sure you all know of something else you should be doing instead of gaming. Achievements give you a reference point on the old geek-o-meter, it helps you see how much real life your taking part in or missing out on. I think it is a good thing, and yes if my PS3 had it I would play it more.

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HarryEtTubMan3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

"better than Failbox 360" Achievements... and free.

Sounds good to me.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43836d ago

'Sir Crazy Ken Points'??? ;-D

sak5003836d ago


So has the next gen finally started? Cuz u finally have rumble after 1 1/2 years (although on a 15year old controller design) and thinking of implementing achievements. Oh but the games still look worse then 2 1/2 year old console. When are we going to see pixar quality graphics running 120fps in 4d?

venum3836d ago

why not trophy. In ratchet and clank there is a trophy room. I'm used to the idea of trophy.
Trophy, achievement is up anybody who want to give a longer lifeline to their game.

Mr Pumblechook3836d ago

Last year when Phil Harrison introduced Playstation Home to the world, he showed us 'Trophies.' We were told it would like the Senate room in the new Star Wars films.

I like Trophies, because everyone knows what a trophy is right? You win it, then you have a physical symbol of success. I want to earn Trophies and display them in my Home space. Now Sony have got me used to the name trophies, I dont want them to change it. Trophies FTW!

TheExecutive3836d ago

I think trophies are going to be reserved for BIG accomplishments in the game. Like 100% completion and stuff like that. The actual rewards are the small time stuff.

INehalemEXI3836d ago

Thats what i thought they were going to call them -> accomplishments

jwatt3836d ago

Please don't call them accomplishments, it sounds too much like achievements. I think trophies will suit just fine.

redninja3836d ago

Why not call them accolades? It means the same thing as achievements, has the same number of syllables, AND starts with an "a". You're welcome Sony.

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meepmoopmeep3836d ago


i like this one! you should work for sony man!

anyway, weren't they called tropies?

Cwalat3836d ago


simple and easy...


how much *cash* did you earn from COD4..

NOLA3836d ago

i can see that. you can then use 'cash' to buy items for an ideal world