The forbidden fruit arrives on PSP

The world of video games is vast but also very diversified. In fact, since the third of April, the Japanese can get a game of a particular kind called of Bokudake no Kajitsu on PSP.

Developed by Jin Products, the title belongs to the category of eroge (erotic games), relatively unknown in United States and Europe.
The goal is to find love by playing one of three women proposed. These three women are Rin, 19 years old, Hitomi, and Chizuru 25 years, 20 years. There is however only one man to seduce.

Bokudake no Kajitsu, which is not available for minors, contains erotic scenes, and Sony usually refuses it on its portable console. But, the "game" comes out on UMD video and uses chapters and menus. So, it is considered like a film.

You can consult the website of the game and buy it here, Finally, I will leave you to enjoy these beautiful images.


[EDIT] A video is now available to Bokudake no Kajitsu

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gamesR4fun3841d ago

lets see them do that on the ds lol

Brainiac 83841d ago

I'm not sure how informed you are, but the DS has had erotic genre games produced for it for a while over in Japan.

Only theirs are underground projects that allow you to use the stylus yourself in the experience.

OldGamer3840d ago

I want to visit Tokyo just to see how f'ing crazy their people really are.

I like how they got around the issue putting it out on UMD. Smart.