Warhawk Patch 1.31 released

Austrian Website writes: "Dylan Jobe says about the Patch v1.31:

The v1.31 patch is focused on fixing the team-switch mistake - reinstating the Team-Switching, Team-Randomization, *and* Team-Roster-Balance server options.

In addition, we are removing the "unlimited score" option from the Game Options screen. This was an open invitation to padding as many of you correctly pointed out here on the forums. ...

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ozzyo993890d ago

I really do enjoy the continued support the dev's are giving the community.

Thanks guys :o)

Cwalat3890d ago


its really nice to see that Incognito, Insomniac, Naughtydog and more studios are loyal to Sony...

sonarus3890d ago

has nothing to do with loyalty, sony owns all of them except for insomniac and i am sure they have a contract with them. Rumor has it they might leave the sony side after R2 which would suck but at least 360 fanboys will stop hating on them.

I'm glad they fixed the team switch issue.:D

Sunny_D3844d ago

actually Ted Price who runs Insomniac said that they have no plans to make games on any other console so that may use the ps3's power and that their in meetings of an exclusive deal with Sony

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hendyman3890d ago

It seems after downloading this patch my copy does not work online anymore. Anyone else having the same issue?

TheGamer3890d ago

I think the servers are down. Try after sometime.

Ben10543890d ago

The servers come back on at 4pm English time GMT

Ghoul3890d ago


cant connect to the network

heyheyhey3890d ago


Warhawk >>>>> COD4

thor3890d ago

Yeah I just got cod4 and after playing it online (it is amazing) I realised that

Search and destroy mode is no different from counter-strike
I takes very few shots to kill someone, meaning spraying is in abundance
There's a lack of variety compared to warhawk (everyone has a rifle and a pistol usually, no vehicles)

Warhawk can be _really_ exciting, mainly because you have people on the ground, people in tanks, people driving in a jeep with the flag, and people in the air all at the same time. And it's so balanced - there's always a weapon that you can use to take down any enemy, and if you feel like driving in a tank you know there will be people you can kill with it. The dropship needs a little balancing, though - those turrents are pretty useless :\

Premonition3890d ago

the new expansion comes out tomorrow i believe, I cant wait for that.

Orange3890d ago

here's hoping the map is better than the omega dawn map. i just can't get into that one.

Orange3890d ago

was wondering what was up with the randomization. get stuck on an overmatched team where you're the only one willing to fly, and you're stuck getting hammered by a small swarm of warhawks map after map.