MS to offer Xbox Live Gold subscribers content first

Microsoft's director of programming, Larry Hryb, has revealed that the company plans to make non-paying users of the Xbox Live service wait longer to access game demos and trailers.

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BIadestarX4467d ago

I hope this happends... We pay the bandwidth. I know you all want things for free, and you believe you are entitled to. But remove you broke as* of the network until I can download the stuff I want first; then and only then, you should be allowed to. Works in the real world, I pay for a service; why should silver accounts get what I get. Besides xbox live has always being acused of not being free. Some people even say that you have to pay for every single feature. I say bring it up, all these silver accounts are just slowing my bandwidth.

deepio4467d ago

I agree! Silver users - pay the price or get in line.

zypher4467d ago

hey! i'm a SILVER member. i only use Live to download demos and trailers. but i guess Microsoft's forcing me to have to pay for that too. bummer. guess i'll be making a trip to Walmart after work today to pick up a Gold subscription card.

rj814467d ago





THWIP4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

Watchoo been smokin', Bub? :|

And yeah, although this is old news...already discussed here last week... I still agree with MS on this.

rj814467d ago

You never watched Austin Powers?

THWIP4467d ago

The first one was so retarded, I lost interest halfway through, and returned it for credit. :O

Jakens4467d ago

I pay for a Xbox Live Gold Membership. I would hope that I get this kind of perk. If you don't have Gold, I say that you are missing out anyways.

CyberSentinel4467d ago

First of all let me say, I am a Gold Member.
But this will give PS3 Fanniboyz more fodder for the fire. Are we getting nervous, Microsoft?

BIadestarX4467d ago

Actually Microsoft would be doing the other way arround if they were nervous. Maybe giving more to silver accounts. Also, why don't we wait until Sony releases the PS3 and their so call "everything free" service in order to make an intelligent comparison. If the PS3 online service suck a** the same way the PS2 or the psp then there will not be much flame, now would it.

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The story is too old to be commented.