Battlefield 4 and FIFA 14 Release Dates for PS4 and Xbox One

Release date set for Battlefield 4 and FIFA 14 for the next-generation consoles. Looks like it's time to look for a second job.

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D3acon3431d ago

What's the date for bf4 11/12?

Deividas3431d ago

"I’m happy to confirm today the street dates for these three titles on next-generation consoles: Nov. 19 (North America)/Nov. 21 (Europe) for Xbox One and Nov. 12 (North America)/Nov. 29 (Europe) for PlayStation 4."

Read the damn article.

BLAKHOODe3431d ago


I guess I better call GameStop and ask about this. I think their policy is they will hold pre-orders for 48 hours. PS4 comes out 72 hours later, so if I wait to pick up my copy of BF4 when I get my PS4, will I lose the pre-order bonuses?

Akuma2K3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )


Yes, gamestop will only hold a pre-order for 48hrs (sales rep told me this when I pre-ordered my ps4 and bf4).

FullMetalTech3431d ago

Yeah Nov 12th(NA)/29th (Euro) for PS4. November 19th( (NA)/21(Euro) for Xbox one.

Transporter473431d ago

Buy your Fifa 14 ps4 version 3 days before you buy your PS4 nice. Just funny nothing wrong with it.

Heisenburger3431d ago

Well for me I'm picking up my copy of Black Flag the Tuesday before my console arrives.

I am NOT going to deal with the craziness on the fifteenth! ;)

Campy da Camper3431d ago

I gotta say, as cool as battlefield is I'm not sure I can put watch dogs and acbf down to really jump into it. I'm a sucker for open worlds and for the love of God AC has WHALES.

BLAKHOODe3430d ago

I have Battlefield 4, Watch_Dogs and Killzone: Shadow Fall pre-ordered for the PS4 launch. Between those 3, I'm thinking I'm going to start with Killzone since it's exclusive to PS4.

Ps4Console3430d ago

Very interesting I have pre-ordered BF but I'am very interested to see Killzone on Ps4 because it was thee FPS game for me on Ps3 .

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