Gamekult review: Grand Theft Auto V

You can doubt Rockstar's methods, not the results. GTA V pushes farther the boundaries of open world gaming, giving birth to an area yet larger, more alive and believable. A huge sandbox to unravel at the wheel of a car, in a private jet or nested inside a submarine, in the company of 3 fleshed out and varied characters. This exemplary success rests on a perfectly thought out ambiance comparable to that of GTA San Andreas, with yet richer gameplay, missions that are huge in scope, and clean production values for a game of this style - maybe the best surprise of all coming from Rockstar. The wait was long, the hopes arguably beyond reason, and there remain some unpolished mechanics, chief among them the aiming. But GTA has won its bet, to make standout moments feel like the norm. A lesson in game design.

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xPhearR3dx2955d ago

NPC who swear
Tennis so-so"

*Franklin Voice* "What!?"

masa20092955d ago

Did you see the " t; tag?
It means it's a foreign article.

xPhearR3dx2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

That's obvious. But those two things as cons? Talk about reaching for straws.


From all the steams I've watched and people who've played comment on the gunplay, it's very similar to Max Payne 3 but more fluid. Not entirely sure where this site got that from TBH.

seanpitt232955d ago

Gun fights to rigid! Well it must not be like max Payne then.

masa20092955d ago

It's not well translated by Google.
It's more in the line of some NPCs are less convincing than others.

Triella2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Here are the cons of this french site :

- Gunfights gameplay is boring
- The distinguishing skills of each character boasted by Rockstar are not so noticeable
- The modeling of the NPC clashes with the detailed environnement and polished main characters
- Not enough missions with the trio
- Sometimes the instructions are confusing.
- Tennis is dull
- and no co-op

CaptainPunch2955d ago

Isn't the review embargo still up?

paul-p19882955d ago

As far as i'm aware the embargo stops at 3pm GMT, not sure about USA though. It's currently 3.15pm GMT

Walker2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

9 is highest score from GameKult. they also gave the last of us 9 out of 10 and mentoined TLoU is best game of this generation !

Count2955d ago

Thank God for not 10/10

Bathyj2955d ago

I'm in line. 15 minutes

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